How Much Is Anisha Ramakrishna From Family Karma Worth?

The cast of Bravo’s “Family Karma” are definitely some of the most attractive and wealthiest of all the Bravo-lebs. No one should sleep on this crew, especially given that a lot of their wealth stems from some of their own hard work and not just that of their parents. Take Anisha Ramakrishna. Per her Bravo bio, she “climbed the ranks” in New York City’s fashion scene and eventually started her own size inclusive clothing line, Currently, when she was 36. 

While she is still starting out in her career, there’s a lot of successes to celebrate. As she told Showbiz CheatSheet in March 2020, “My next collection, which is discussed on the show, will launch in late spring of this year.” She also gave details about the line, explaining: The collection is mostly made out of recycled fabric. I started the business on Amazon with just five styles. I have spent the past year developing the brand and making it sustainable and eco-friendly. I am very excited about it.”

Now that she’s running her own company, fans are undoubtedly interested in her net worth. But that money doesn’t come without giving up some luxury, as Anisha revealed.

Anisha sacrificed a lot for her company

Per Article Bio, Anisha Ramakrishna is likely worth somewhere around $100,000 with her fashion company, Currently, though there are no other sources to back up that number.

To found Currently, she left New York, where she had been living, and moved back home with her family in South Florida, where she oversaw her company’s successful launch.

It has definitely been a shift for Anisha to move back to her parents’ house, telling Showbiz Cheat Sheet, “I went from having an amazing career, a steady relationship, a large group of friends, and my own apartment in the city to being back in my childhood bedroom.” 

Still, she revealed on the show (per CheatSheet) that the sacrifices for her company have been worth it so far — despite coming at a cost. “I loved living in New York. But I’m following my dream right now of starting my own clothing line. It’s a lot of money so I’ve moved home and regressed 12 years,” she said, telling Cheat Sheet: “However, I followed my gut and I knew I had to focus on the big picture and make the necessary changes in order to fulfill my dream of starting my business.”

Surely, if she keeps plugging away, it will pay off in the end. 

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