Hugh Jackman Says His X-Men Audition for Wolverine Was Just '20 Seconds Long'

Hugh Jackman is opening up about the audition process behind one of his most iconic film roles.

Speaking virtually during an appearance on The Tonight Show, the 51-year-old actor revealed to host Jimmy Fallon that his audition for the role of Wolverine in 2000's X-Men was "about 20 seconds long."

"When I walked into that room, I was pretty sure that I wasn't playing the role," Jackman began after Fallon showed a clip of the actor's audition for the role of the popular comic book character.

"It was a weird audition because Dougray Scott had the role and then he got caught up in Mission: Impossible 2 but everyone thought that would get sorted," he said, referring to the actor who was originally slated to take on the Wolverine mantle.

Jackman noted that the studio wanted a backup plan in case Scott could not appear as Wolverine, sharing, "It was like this Hail Mary to begin with, which is probably the best way to do an audition. You're going in like 'Eh.'"

"I think the entire audition was about 20 seconds," he added. "It wasn't much longer."

Jackman previously discussed his role during an appearance on Good Morning America, where he reflected on his time working on the hit movie franchise.

When asked by GMA co-host Michael Strahan who should take over Jackman's role as Wolverine in future iterations of the film series, the actor shouted, "Not Ryan Reynolds!," before Strahan could even finish his question.

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Jackman and Reynolds have been jokingly feuding for years. Earlier in Jackman's GMA appearance, he teased that Reynold's wife Blake Lively must be struggling in quarantine with the Deadpool actor.

"I check on Blake all the time, I just can’t imagine what this whole isolation has been like," Jackman said. "It’s been months in the same house with Ryan.

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