Hulu’s ‘Crossing Swords’ Teaser Asks: What If ‘The Lego Movie’ Had Nudity?

Live-action series may be shut down because of our current global issues, but animation is thriving — and Hulu is particularly enmeshed in the medium at the moment. Their latest venture into the world of colorful characters is “Crossing Swords,” and you can watch the teaser below.

The medieval-set stop-motion adventure comes from John Harvatine IV and Tom Root, executive producers of the popular Adult Swim series “Robot Chicken.” The series follows a kindhearted peasant named Patrick who dreams of being a knight. The problem is the kingdom is an utter cesspool of depravity with Patrick being tested at every opportunity.

“Crossing Swords” is being touted as an adult and edgy comedy and the first trailer certainly lives up to that. As Patrick enters the kingdom he discovers everything from the Queen’s sex dungeon to having to stand at attention with no clothes on. And make no mistake, the amount of Lego-looking nudity is on full display. (You might not have wanted to see a children’s toy looking anatomically correct, but it’s officially out there.)

According to Hulu, the voice cast participating over the 10 episodes of “Crossing Swords” includes actors like Nicholas Hoult, Tony Hale, Luke Evans, Adam Pally, and Seth Green, who will appear at various points throughout the season.

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This marks the second animation series to debut at Hulu this year. Back in March they released the trailer for “Solar Opposites,” a traditionally animated comedy series from Justin Roiland, the co-creator and voice artist of “Rick and Morty.” That series follows an alien family having to adjust to life on Earth. Interestingly, both “Crossing Swords” and “Solar Opposites” answer big-picture questions about Earth and its inhabitants, with a lone “normal” person having to take it all in.

With the need for so much content Hulu is creating a rather diverse slate. Outside of their animation offerings they were the first streaming service to offer the Academy Award-winning Best Picture of this year, “Parasite,” which wound up setting a streaming record for the company. They also debuted their off-shoot of FX, FX on Hulu, with the sci-fi series “Devs” and the 1970s-set historical drama “Mrs. America.”

“Crossing Swords” streams exclusively on Hulu June 12.

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