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I'M A Celebrity fans were all left saying the same thing after keeping an eagle-eye on Sue Cleaver.

The Coronation Street actress, 59, who plays bold Eileen Grimshaw, has already proved a popular figure in the I'm A Celebrity camp.

Yet with co-star Boy George causing controversy with spats with Charlene White and generally shaking up the camp, Sue let her look do the talking.

She was seen flashing a dirty glance to Boy George as Tuesday's show wrapped.

One fan took to Twitter to giggle: "Sue looked at George like Eileen looks at Gail Platt," referring to her character's arch-rival on the soap.

Another put: "Sue just being chill AF staying out of everyone's business sat next to boy George with a 'shut the f**k up' look on her face is everything."


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A third then wrote: "Sue giving Boy George the dirtiest look," as another commented: "Sue looks so done with his s**t I'm here for it."

It came about when Boy George was telling the camp how he "wanted to contribute" and "win stars."

Charlene told him the camp was a "democracy" and said of course he could lend a hand.

Meanwhile, Sue was seen perched on a log, flashing him a glance as the chat played out.

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Earlier in the episode, the furious singer was almost caught-out blasting Charlene as "controlling" after taking charge in the kitchen.

On Tuesday, Boy George also lost his temper and stormed out of camp for some alone time.

As their feud escalated in the jungle last night, Boy George took it upon himself to confront so-called "bossy boots" Charlene.

As Scarlette said she was going to do the dunny cleaning, Boy George said to Charlene: “It might be good to say to people, ‘Right you do this today.’

"Otherwise I’m going to feel like I’m not doing anything. I want to win stars, that’s my main thing, I’m going to do everything I can to get stars. I want to contribute.

"You’re very strong. Listen, you’re such a beautiful contradiction because you’re like tough, and then you’ve got this beautiful side to you.

"But it’s challenging for me. I have to say it’s challenging for me.”

Charlene asked: “Why?”

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Boy George replied: “Because I’m such a control freak. It’s my stuff.” 

He added: “Because you are such a matriarch… and you better accept it, don’t even deny it, look at you, ‘What do you mean?’” 

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