Im A Celebs eating trial labelled the worst as Jordan Banjo vomits up first dish

I'm A Celebrity… South Africa kicked off its first Bushtucker Trial in true disgusting fashion, as Janice Dickinson and Jordan Banjo took part in an eating trial.

The trial began with Diversity dancer Jordan, 30, being presented with a dish called 'French onion poop', which turned out to be pig's anus, which he attempted to eat before promptly throwing up to the side of the table.

Reacting to the gross scene's one viewer tweeted: "This is the worst eating trial #ImACeleb" and another added: "Jordan looks like he’s getting possessed while eating #ImACeleb."

"Jordan looked like something out the exorcist then," joked another.

And a fourth added: "Jordan Banjo projectile vomiting has killed me off. #ImACeleb" while a fifth quipped: "Jordan is being possessed by the spirit of a pigs anus."

After struggling through the pig's anus, and a number of other dishes, including chicken intestines, fish eyes, and lam testicles, Jordan and Janice managed to win five stars for their fellow camp members.

However, some viewers were left annoyed at former model Janice's refusal to eat some of the dishes.

After the duo ate their separate dishes, they were presented with a trio of disgusting desserts, which they both had to eat to win any stars, and while Jordan seemed prepared to eat these, Janice quickly refused each one.

"Why did Janice even come!! It’s as if she didn’t know what she signed up for!! Get out!! #imacelebrity," argued one annoyed viewer.

While a second added: "nah if i was Jordan i'd be p***ed Janice didn't even try."

"Even tho he wasn't keen i think Jordan woulda done more but Janice didn't wanna," added a third, while a fourth said: "Janice is already getting on my nerves. She didn't even bother to attempt to try the last dishes of the eating trial."

The episode began with Gillian McKeith's return, which came much to the annoyance of her former fellow campmate Shaun Ryder.

As a box arrived in camp and opened to reveal Gillian, Shaun was visibly shocked over Gillian's arrival in camp as the duo had to awkwardly reunite.

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Shaun admitted: "Gillian came out of a box. I was very surprised. I probably could have done without it being Gillian, yeah."

Also speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Gillian said: "How do I feel about Shaun Ryder being here? I said hello, he said hello, it was all very cordial. What can I say?"


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