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THE MALONES are hiding two big secrets from Gogglebox viewers – two hot family members – brother and sister, Lee and Vanessa.

The Channel 4 show has been keeping us laughing for years, and the Malone family have been a hit with audiences for six glorious seasons.

But while fans of the comedy series are familiar with mum Julie, dad Tom Senior, and sons Tom Jr and Shaun, there are two other siblings that don’t feature in the show.

Bodybuilder Lee and trained nurse Vanessa are Tom Jr and Shaun’s older brother and sister but have never taken part in the long-running series with their family.

Although the Malones joined Gogglebox for the fourth series back in 2014, Lee and Vanessa have always shied away from the cameras.

Lee is a doting brother and uncle to his siblings, and little niece and nephew. The strapping muscle man lives with his fiancé Sarah and runs his own property renovations business.

Meanwhile, ‘secret’ sister Vanessa is proud to be a trained NHS nurse and mum to two children.

The NHS hero has been working tirelessly through the Covid-19 pandemic and recently shared a post to her Instagram celebrating International Nurses Day.

She wrote: “Happy international nurses day to all of my wonderful friends and colleagues! I am so proud of my team, I am proud of the NHS and I am proud of myself. Nursing through this pandemic so far has been a challenge both physically and mentally but we can do this 💪🏻 I am also proud of all the nurses who have been redeployed from other wards onto our unit, you have have been a huge asset to our team ❤️ thank you!!! 💙 Proud to be a nurse”

Lee recently revealed he and his fiancé Sarah had been forced to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic.

Sharing a photo of the two of them smooching in a hot tub, he captioned the snap: “The Malone Postponement”

Lee is an avid gym goer and regularly posts photos of his workouts and bodybuilding competitions, unlike his coach-loving family.

The Malones are known not only for their hilarious one liners and adorable moments, but their four gorgeous rottweilers – Dave, Lucy, Izzy and Joe.

And it seems a love of dogs runs in the family as Lee also has his own pooches, Old Tyme bulldogs Maddie and Bear.

Many people wonder if the cast of Gogglebox get paid, well they actually do, each family receives a monthly balance of £1,500.

The family will then have to split this amount between each other at their own discretion.

This is only the start for some cast members.

Original Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt has since appeared on I'm A Celebrity and boasts of paying off her parents' mortgage with her earnings.

Also, Sandra Martin, another star from the show, says she's earned "£100,000 every year" since appearing on the programme.

Although the opportunities seem endless after appearing on Gogglebox, the families do have to work for their money.

Despite the coronavirus, pandemic filming will still take place with rigged cameras in place to prevent crew mixing with the Gogglebox stars.

Each family has to commit to 12 hours of filming each week split across two six-hour shifts.

They then need to analyse and share opinions on the programmes they have been told to watch.

Catch The Malones (minus Lee and Vanessa) on Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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