Inside tree hotel with woodland rope bridges, swimming pool, and waterfalls

An amazing hotel disguised to look like a tree left viewers starry-eyed when they got a sneaky peek on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces.

The Magic Mountain Lodge in Chile was featured in Thursday's episode of the Channel 4 show (January 14) and its beautiful rainforest location surrounded by waterfalls left people reeling with wanderlust.

Designed to look like a mountain, the entire hotel is covered in living foliage so that only the wooden windows give away it is there at all.

Inside, it looks like you are standing in the trunk of a huge tree and the bedrooms are cozy and Hobbit-like.

Wooden rope bridges in the tree canopies give a magical feel to the surroundings, and there are also pretty water features all around the hotel grounds.

The hotel's website claims staying there is like "being part of a true fairy tale" and says the experience is "enchanting".

It even has its own restaurant, a swimming pool, and a spa.

George Clarke described it as "wonderfully weird" as he took a tour of its secret nooks and crannies and watched the water fountain spurt out of the top.

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Pointing at the buildings' exterior, the architect said: "It's absolutely amazing.

"The only way you know that's even hotel rooms is little glimpses of windows that just capture the reflection of the glass in amongst the greenery."

"It's not the outside that looks like a mythical tree," he adds, calling the hotel rooms "warm" and "intimate".

Unsurprisingly, it caused a stir on Twitter and many viewers were blown away by it.

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One person commented: "Looks like it coulda been in Star Wars #AmazingSpaces."

A second person said: "That's like a secret garden escape… almost magical!! @MrGeorgeClarke #AmazingSpaces."

Pointing out a possible negative, someone else joked: "Splinter heaven.

"Going to get stabbed to hell staying there #AmazingSpaces ."

In the same episode, a man turned a Victorian circus wagon into his own observatory to watch the night skies and a couple made a festival bar with a grain store.

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