Is Manifest coming back for season 4?

Manifest: NBC releases trailer for third season

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Manifest fans have been through an emotional rollercoaster lately after it was revealed that NBC cancelled the series after three seasons. Hope returned when the show rose to the top of the charts on Netflix, giving the series a much-needed boost in popularity. But is the show coming back for season four? 

Is Manifest coming back for season 4?

In June 2021, NBC made the decision to cancel Manifest after three seasons, despite the originally planned six-season arc. 

The show’s cancellation left fans feeling frustrated over the lack of a proper ending for the series and no real closure for the characters.

In came Netflix, which recently brought the series to its vast catalogue of content, opening the show up to a new wave of viewers.

The series proved to be an immediate success for the platform, racing its way to the top of the most-viewed charts.

This in turn gave fans some hope that Netflix would outright buy the series, similar to what they did with Lucifer, or NBC would bring it back.

At first, it looked unlikely this would be the case, with both Netflix and NBC failing to take the reins of the show.

However, this could be about to change, as Netflix is now circling a revival of the science-fiction series.

Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed by Netflix or NBC on the future of the show but negotiations are underway.

Deadline recently confirmed that Netflix was in discussion with Warner Bros TV, with NBC also still in play to reverse their initial decision to cancel it.

While season four remains unconfirmed, it seems likely that word on the future of the series will be revealed imminently.

Once again, fan dedication to the show has played a large role in bringing the series back, with the #SaveManifest campaign trending on social media.

Taking to Twitter, since the show’s cancellation, #SaveManifest has been bombarded online in the hopes NBC or Netflix would take notice.

It seems they have, with one fan noting on Twitter: “Have u changed ur mind @netflix to #SaveManifest or @warnerbrostv to #ReshopManifest.”

Another fan added: “From your lips…. Good news will come very soon. The energy is all around us.  #SaveManifest.”

A third commented: “I love how hard @jeff_rake goes for his fans and supporters #SaveManifest.”

Jeff Rake, the creator and showrunner of the series has equally been showing his support for the show’s revival.

Shortly after the news of the series cancellation, Rake told Twitter Spaces: “I’m going to hold out hope that maybe somebody will step up and help us finish that story.

“Whether that means more episodes, whether that means a final kind of movie like they did with the show Firefly, or a lot of people have asked me ‘write the book’ and you know, that’s a cool concept but [it’s a major endeavour] and I’m going to think about it.”

Rake has not given a statement following the news Netflix was in negotiations to bring the series back.

With the series originally set to receive six seasons, it is unclear if the show would return to its original schedule, or if it would conclude with one final chapter.

When Netflix bought Lucifer from Fox, they originally intended for the series to receive just two more seasons.

However, they delighted fans with the news they would be making an extra, sixth season.

If Netflix does announce season four of Manifest in the coming weeks, it could mean the show is in store for a bright future.

Manifest is available to watch on NBC and Netflix.

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