Isolation Stories viewers complain as Sheridan Smith's character fails to call police to help domestic abuse victim

ISOLATION Stories viewers have complained after Sheridan Smith's character failed to call police to help a domestic abuse victim.

The first in the four-part series aired last night, with heavily pregnant Sheridan, 38, playing lonely Melanie who is three weeks away from giving birth.

However she was spending lockdown alone because the dad of her unborn child was with his wife and children.

At one point, Melanie accidentally called a woman she didn't know on her mobile.

It turned out the other woman was not in a good situation while in lockdown as she was stuck at home with her seemingly abusive partner.

But despite the two women's interaction, including a voicemail and video, Melanie didn't report the call to the police for further investigation.

Taking to Twitter, one confused viewer wrote: "she would have had the abused woman's number on her phone because she had rung her by accident the day before.

"Why didn't she ring the police and get them to investigate? Very enjoyable but way too clunky a plot hole."

Another added: "How come she left a voice message on this number and then didn't call the police to report a DV case, surely she had the number!

"Horrid, selfish woman, a ridiculous story!"

A third added: "Even though the number was withheld surely she could call back the number that was in the old phone book? That she has done in the first place and managed to send the video to?

"Anyway confused, feeling a little sad about it but still love Sheridan Smith."

Isolation Stories continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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