Jacqueline Jossa shows off incredible figure in a sports bra and leggings after diet to get 'fit' not 'skinny'

JACQUELINE Jossa has showed off her incredible figure in a sports bra and leggings after a diet to get 'fit' not 'skinny'.

The 27-year-old took to Instagram on Friday to show off her curves in a funky exercise outfit consisting of an orange cropped top and purple patterned leggings.

Jacqueline shared a series of clips of her walking around her garden to promote the Fabletics range.

She also posted a picture of her smiling beside her flower beds in the range, and captioned it: "All the gear NO IDEA."

However, this isn't entirely true, as Jacqueline has been on a health and fitness drive since July.

The former EastEnders actress revealed that she's planning to "move more" as it's "good for the brain" after unveiling her first ever swimwear collection.

She said that losing weight isn't her goal but that "she wouldn't mind it".

She explained: "I'm having those thoughts of I need to start doing a bit for me and I'm going to try and go for walks and maybe do some exercise.

"And no, before everyone pipes up it's not to necessarily lose weight, I wouldn't mind it but it is more just to know that you're doing something.

"Because work-wise I'm feeling really good, I'm busy I'm on the ball and I just want to maintain that and I feel like getting on the ball with it now, it's got to be done."

Sharing her goals with fans, she wrote: "Gotta start doing some fitness stuff, purely for the mind, not to get skinnaaaay!!

"Just need to make sure I keep active and for so good for the brain.

"Excited about that… cut to me tomorrow not doing anything about it but hey, this is my 11pm evening thought lol I'll check in with you tomorrow.

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