James Bond: Former Bond star ‘WOULDN’T choose the role again’ after film ‘flop’

James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) has a lot to do in the upcoming film, No Time To Die. As Craig’s final film in the role of Bond, many of the franchise’s fans are looking forward to seeing how things go. However, these films don’t always go perfectly for every actor involved.

Take Quantum of Solace, for example. In 2008 Fans were frothing at the mouth to see the sequel to the critically acclaimed Casino Royale.

With Craig’s debut film as Bond reaching such high praise, the bar was set high for its sequel.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan, as Quantum of Solace stands today as the worst-performing Bond film led by Daniel Craig.

Although the film received a huge amount of lacklustre reviews, the film’s tentpole “Bond Girl” – a woman in the film accompanying Bond – had a bad experience on the film.

Gemma Arterton, who played MI6 agent Strawberry Fields, worked as an “homage” to the Bond Girls of old.

She herself compared Fields to Diana Rigg, who played Tracy Bond in the 1969 film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Now, she has spoken out about her time on the film, and indeed given her verdict on ever returning to the franchise.

Speaking to the Telegraph about her time on the film, Arterton confessed she had “no idea how long the film would follow me around”.

She went on to explain how she hadn’t seen the film in some time.

“You know,” Arterton continued. “I haven’t seen it for about 15 years, so I can’t really remember what’s in it or what I did.”

“But I know I wouldn’t choose a role like that now,” she concluded.

Despite this, she did have a lot of good things to say about the role.

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Arterton began by saying she was “enormously grateful for the role.

“She was funny and she was sweet,” she said. “She didn’t really have anything to do – or a backstory.”

In the meantime, fans have been looking hard at the new trailer for No Time To Die – whose new Bond Girl is Ana De Armas.

The latest trailer seems to nod vigorously at Safin (Rami Malek) being a classic super villain.

Fans of the franchise have been sounding off online about this theory.

One wrote: “Ok seriously… I’m convinced more than ever that Raimi is Dr. No.”

Another added: “100 per cent He’s Dr. No,” with a third saying: “I’m guessing it’s Dr No as Safin with a Drax-esque plan.”

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