Jane Fonda Joins TikTok and Brings Back Her Famous Workout to Fight Climate Change

Jane Fonda is joining the masses — on TikTok!

The actress, 82, shared a fun video on the popular social media app of herself returning to her iconic roots with a workout video.

In the video, Fonda lies on a yoga mat in dark leggings and a red shirt as she addresses the camera.

“I’m bringing back the Jane Fonda workout during this home sequestration,” Fonda said. As she began doing leg lifts, the scene changed to show Fonda standing and wearing a red coat.


Hello Tik Tok! I’m bringing back the Jane Fonda Workout to fight the climate crisis. Join #firedrillfriday 4/3 @ 11AMPT #happyathome #indoorworkout

♬ original sound – janefonda

“You know what? There are too many workouts happening right now on television and computers,” she said. “What I would really like for you to do is to work out with me for the planet.”

She continued, “There’s a climate crisis that’s a real emergency. Whether you’re on your couch or your yoga mat, would you join me for the virtual fire drill Fridays? The future needs you, I need you.”

Fonda is hosting a virtual fire drill rally online on Friday along with Greenpeace USA.

The virtual rally is in partnership with #CAYouthVsBigOil State tour and the Sunrise movement to highlight the youth-led activism happening this month.

Several of Fonda’s friends such as Chelsea Handler, Piper Perabo, Alyssa Milano, Marisa Tomei and Norman Lear have encouraged fans to join the movement in an Instagram video.

Anyone interested in joining virtual fire drill rally can register at Greenpeace USA’s Zoom website.

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