Jessa Duggar's husband Ben slammed for telling fans to 'examine themselves' before 'pointing fingers' in Capitol riots

JESSA Duggar's husband was slammed for urging people to "examine ourselves" before "pointing fingers" after the Capitol Hill riots.

On Thursday, Ben Seewald took to Twitter to share his thoughts after a mob of Trump supporters stormed the seat of the United States government, forcing politicians to barricade themselves inside.

He said: "With the unrest in America these days, the easy thing to do right now is to go on social media, point fingers and self-justify.

"The hard thing to do is to examine OURSELVES. To pray. To weep. To intercede before God for this nation and the people in it."

"Preaching this to myself too. God help me. God help us," Jessa's husband said.

But his comments didn't go down well with some users, who clapped back at his comments.

"We didn’t cause this Ben," one person replied.

Another posted a "Sit down, Felicia" meme, while a third asked: "Do you stand with the insurrections or with peace?"

A fourth person said: "You preach love & compassion. There is nothing compassionate about what happened yesterday."

A fifth follower wrote: "Trump has destroyed the Republican Party & he and his enablers need to be condemned publicly by people like you who preach love and peace.

"Your silence makes you part of the problem."

However, last night, after Ben urged people to pray for America, lawmakers, "national repentance of our sin against God" and "God’s mercy on our land," he appeared to criticize Donald Trump.

When one follower asked why he couldn't "see there is something wrong with this man, who is your 'President?'" Ben's response was telling.

He retorted: "Something? There are many things wrong with him [Trump]. All the more reason to pray for him.

Jessa's brother-in-law Derick Dillard, who is married to her sister Jill Duggar Dillard, slammed the rioters in much stronger terms on Twitter.

"What we witnessed yesterday on Capitol Hill was shocking and an affront to democracy!" he tweeted.

"Violence is not how we solve our problems! As Americans, one thing we should all agree on is the peaceful transition of power. Anything less is un-American. #CapitolRiots #democracy."

Jesse recently insisted her rebellious sister Jill and her husband Derick were, in fact, invited to the family Christmas party, despite what some fans think.

The 28-year-old reality star said the couple “chose” not to attend the large Duggar event: “Nobody is ostracized," Jessa replied to one fan who commented on a video of her family celebrating.

"The Dillards were invited, but chose to celebrate the holiday with Derick’s family," she added.

Meanwhile, Jessa recently shared professional photos on her Instagram showing her, Ben and their three children frolicking in a wheat field.

She noted that "had been almost 4 years since we last had professional family photos taken."

But because it had been so long, curious fans commented asking if there was another Seewald on the way, with one writing: "Baby #4 announcement coming soon?"

"Exactly what I thought," agreed another follower. "They only do photoshoots when their announcing something."

However, another person leapt to Jessa's defense and decried the pregnancy speculation.

"Jessa replied to a fan a couple months ago saying she was indeed not pregnant, and her other caption says they have not had professional photos taken in a few years.

"Pro-tip: if it's not your uterus, it's none of your business. Just because she's famous doesn't mean we get to assume she's pregnant again."

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