Jinger Duggar says sister Jana, 31, turned down multiple suitors who offered lavish gifts & trips as she remains single

JINGER Duggar revealed her single sister Jana, 31, turned down multiple suitors through the years despite being showered with lavish gifts and vacations. 

In Jinger, 27, and her husband Jeremy Vuolo’s new book, The Hope We Hold: Finding Peace in the Promises of God, she revealed she and her sisters were “constantly” asked out because of their reality show. 

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Jinger wrote: “Some of them were people we knew from church or the homeschooling community, or they visited our home back in the days when we welcomed fans as visitors.”

She continued that some men were “crazy” and “creepy.”

The mom of two continued: “Others were complete strangers who mailed letters and packages to our post office box. I understood it came with the territory when you’re a teenage girl on a reality show, but sometimes it was crazy, and a little creepy. At one point, at least twenty-five guys had asked about me or my sisters within a couple of months alone.

“I didn’t take most of the letters seriously, given that they were from strangers, or sometimes even from men in prison. I’m sure some of them were sweet, well-meaning guys who loved the Lord, but I wasn’t going to get in a relationship with someone who didn’t know me or anyone in my family.”

She then wrote about Jana, who has been dubbed Cinderella Duggar by fans because she is the only adult daughter not married. 

Jinger penned: “Another guy mailed Jana the strangest packages—a sample-size Yankee candle wrapped in box after box like a Russian doll, for instance. 

“He even invited her on a trip to Disney World, provided she paid her own way.”

Because of the amount of suitors, Jim Bob would vet the men before having them meet his daughters. 

She wrote: “My parents had decided that if a guy was interested in any of us girls, they had to talk to my dad before they could start getting to know us on a deeper level. 

“Inevitably, after a guy hung around our house, Dad would pop into the girls’ room. ‘Hey, Jinge, so this guy reached out to me,’ he’d say. ‘He told me he was interested in you. Are you interested in getting to know him?’

“‘No,' I’d say almost every time. ‘No, no, no. I don’t think so. I’m not interested in him.’ I didn’t turn down guys left and right for no reason. I genuinely didn’t believe there was potential with these guys. Dad didn’t pressure me, and whatever I said was the final word.”

As The Sun previously reported from the memoir, Jeremy, 33, wrote about his experience courting Jinger, including how he filled out a 50-page questionnaire given to him by the patriarch in an effort to get to know him better. 

After four months of the patriarch and Jeremy talking, Jim Bob told him: “Jeremy, I’m so sorry. But I don’t think I can let you pursue my daughter. This theology seems to be a deal breaker.”

Jeremy was able to change Jim Bob’s mind and the two married in 2016 after a courtship. 

While Jana has yet to announce a courtship, which means relationship, she is suspected to be dating pilot Stephen Wissmann, 27.

The rumors started when a Tumblr user posted a photo of Jana next to the Nebraska pilot during his family’s Christmas celebration. 

The photo was on the Wissmann family blog and has since been deleted.

The Duggar and Wissmann families also visited Magnolia in Texas over the weekend, as Stephen appeared to be standing behind Jana in one group photo. 

Stephen and his family also attended Jana’s younger brother Jedidiah’s wedding to wife Katey, as he even went to the family’s church the following day for Easter service. 

Jana and Stephen are friends on Facebook, while her siblings Joy-Anna, Anna, Jed and Jill follow him on his private Instagram.

The Sun reached out to Stephen, who did not deny a courtship with Jana. 

He told The Sun when asked about the courting rumors in March: “I'm busy with work. ”

Jana has been rumored to be dating multiple men through the years, though she has never entered an official courtship. 

She was previously linked to family friend Lawson Bates, who now has a girlfriend, and Caleb Williams before he was arrested and charged with sexually abusing a minor.

He pled guilty to aggravated criminal sexual abuse after negotiating a plea agreement.

Jana revealed on Counting On that she is open to moving from Arkansas for a man.

Jana said of her single status: "I used to be a little more strict, I wanted to find someone who would move or is from here.

“But as time goes on, I have found I love to travel more than I thought I did, so if I really loved a guy, I would follow him to the ends of the earth and go where he is.”

She added: "So far, I just haven't found that one but when he comes, he doesn't have to stay in Arkansas. I just have to love you so much I will go with you.”

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