Joe Wicks under fire AGAIN for ‘causing breakdowns’ to new mums as he shows off wife Rosie’s post baby body | The Sun

JOE Wicks has been slammed by fans AGAIN after he celebrated "unrealistic" post baby bodies.

The proud dad-of-three posed beside his unbelievably toned wife Rosie as they enjoyed a workout together.

The Body Coach said that she is in "the best physical and mental shape of her life" as she flaunted her abs.

While the post was him celebrating Rosie, it didn't quite land with his followers.

"So proud of Rosie ❤️ I think she looks absolutely phenomenal💪🏽", he wrote.

"She exercised all the way through her pregnancy with Leni and has really stepped up her training in the last 6 months to rebuild her strength," he added.

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"There is no doubt genetics has an impact and plays a role but but I’ve seen her work so hard to rebuild her strength and fitness."

Rosie was wearing a matching workout set with her hair pulled back in a messy bun.

He shared a selection of videos of Rosie lifting weights in the gym, telling fans: "She’s lifting heavier weights than ever and is in the best physical and mental shape of her life.

"What’s more impressive is Leni has never slept through the night and since 4 months old continues to wake multiple times through the night," he wrote.

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Some fans found his post to be a little too close to bragging,pointing out that not everyone has the same resources that the couple have.

"She still makes the commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle and when she does train she really pushes herself and I admire her for that.

"She hates cardio and currently lifts heavy weights 3 times a week for around 45 mins," he continued.

One fan wrote: "I think this is a post that can cause a lot of women to have nervous breakdown….. mine never slept and I could not have gone to the gym."

"Rosie has an amazing figure and I’m not denying she doesn’t work hard to maintain it but for some and most women they don’t look like that before or after pregnancy… some / most women can’t get to a gym, can’t leave children etc etc….. don’t have the finances or motivation due to situations at home," they concluded.

Another agreed: "She looks amazing! It would be helpful to acknowledge the time, money and resources to be able to do this though, an awful lot of parents are not on the same position."

A third chimed: "I think this is amazing, well done Rosie. Just want to say for some mamas that may see this and feel like they just can’t…that’s ok!" another added.

"It takes time. Especially if you have had a birth injury. having babies takes it’s toll! It took me over 18m to feel ready for weights, after birth and after physio."

Although many jumped to Joe's defence, with one arguing that he and Rosie shouldn't be made to feel bad because of their circumstances.

"I’m in a similar position in the sense that I’ve had kids and haven’t shifted the weight I want, however, I don’t expect the world to feel sorry for me because I don’t have the same access to the stuff they do," one wrote.

"We all make choices in life that lead us to where we are. Right now joe chooses to praise his wife that he’s extremely proud of and he shouldn’t be made to feel bad because it hurts your ego," they added.

Another agreed, and said that people "waste hours" scrolling through social media when they could spare 10 minutes to do a free workout video.

This isn't the first time Joe has landed himself in hot water with fans.

He was on receiving end after he shared a snap of baby Leni hanging from a push up bar.

The seven-month old held the bar with both hands as Joe stood below watching.

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