Johnny Depp Heads To UK Court Of Appeal In Bid To Overturn Momentous “Wife Beater” Libel Ruling

Johnny Depp may have lost the battle, but he still thinks he can win the war.

Depp is heading to the UK Court Of Appeal in a bid to overturn a High Court verdict last month that The Sun did not libel the Pirates of the Caribbean actor by describing him as a “wife beater.”

Per an application with the Court Of Appeal, spotted by Press Association, Depp will continue a legal wrangle that cost him his job on Warner Bros’ Fantastic Beasts franchise as he bids to quash allegations made by his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Hight Court judge Andrew Nicol said The Sun’s use of the phrase “wife beater” in a 2018 article was “substantially true.” His verdict also declared that Depp “did assault Ms Heard.” The justice denied Depp an appeal in his court, but gave the actor until December 7 to apply to the Court Of Appeal to fight his judgment.

Depp has previously signaled his appeal plans. “The surreal judgment of the court in the UK will not change my fight to tell the truth and I confirm that I plan to appeal,” he said in a statement after exiting Fantastic Beasts.

The grounds for his appeal are not yet clear.

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