Johnny Depp ‘pushing to star in Edward Scissorhands sequel’

Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands Official Trailer

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Edward Scissorhands was a life-changing movie for Johnny Depp. The gothic fairytale marked the first time the actor worked alongside prolific director Tim Burton. After Edward Scissorhands, Depp would go on to work with Burton in Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Sweeney Todd to name just a few. Depp’s inclusion in Edward Scissorhands was also the actor’s first leading role in a big-budget movie with a large studio behind it. On top of that, out of all of Depp’s movies, Edward Scissorhands holds a particularly special place in the actor’s heart.

It was on the set of the Burton movie that love blossomed between Depp and his co-star, Winona Ryder.

The pair played star-crossed lovers on-screen, who fought against the status quo to be together.

Off-screen, Depp and Ryder had recently become infatuated with one another, eventually resulting in them getting engaged and remaining in a relationship for four years. 

In 1993 the couple went through a devastating split, leaving Depp “crying his eyes out” while filming his next movie, Ed Wood, with Burton in 1994.

So then, it is not hugely surprising that Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman recently revealed Depp is “looking to be cast in a sequel for the movie”.

Narratively, Edward Scissorhands has a lot to play with after the events of the first film.

After the protagonist was chased out of town for being so different, he remained in his castle grounds and made it snow every year, because he knew his love, Kim Boggs (Ryder), liked it.

The resurgence in popularity for the film may have been sparked by a recent Cadillac commercial that aired during the Super Bowl last month.

The advert featured Ryder reprising her role as Kim with a son, Edgar Scissorhands (Timothee Chalamet), taking up the chrome claws.

The tongue-in-cheek advert didn’t include any mention of Depp or his character, but Richtman reported the feature sparked movie talks behind-the-scenes.

The omission of Depp was most likely a result of his recently concluded lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard.

During the lawsuit the actor fought against claims he was a “wife-beater”.

His legal battle cost him his job on Warner Bros’ Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts, after he was asked to step down from playing antagonist of the franchise, Gellert Grindelwald.

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Depp has reportedly been dropped from the Disney series Pirates of the Caribbean since these claims arose as well.

Considering Disney owns the film rights to Edward Scissorhands, his inclusion in any sequel could be unlikely.

However, there is hope. The Burton movie was a great commercial success when it was released in the ‘90s.

The film was made on a meagre $20 million budget but claimed an impressive $86 million at the box office.

Since then, Edward Scissorhands has become a cult classic. It is still readily available on DVD and Blu-ray and was even adapted into a ballet.

The film also got ten issues of a comic-book spin-off called Parts Unknown.

The comic book took place two decades after the end of the film, where Edward digs up another unfinished creation.

Edward Scissorhands is available to watch on Disney Plus now.


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