Kat Slater leaves EastEnders fans blushing as she says Phil Mitchell is 'full-on Alan Titchmarsh with her lady garden'

KAT Slater left EastEnders fans blushing tonight with a hilarious innuendo as she joked Phil Mitchell is ‘full-on Alan Titchmarsh with her lady garden’.

Kim Fox – who has been playing cupid in recent weeks – laughed out loud when Kat's criteria for her dream man resembled Phil earlier this week.

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But tonight, Kat dropped the bombshell on Kim that she was indeed sleeping with Phil – and that she was loving it.

When Kat turned her nose up at a number of dating profiles, Kim said: “Look I know you were joking. But you’re going to end up with Phil Mitchell if you’re not more proactive.”

Kat replied: “Well I think he’s a step above that lot.”

Kim said: “Have you forgotten that Phil was there when I gave birth to Mica. Let’s just say he’s been quite intimate with my lady garden.”

She added: “And he didn’t really strike me as a green-fingered kind of guy.”

As Kat giggled, the penny dropped for Kim and she gasped: “No. You and Phil Mitchell?”

Kat then boasted: “Let me tell you this. He is full-on Alan Titchmarsh when he gets going.”

At that Kim screamed and covered her face with her hands, while Kat laughed out loud. 

Fans were left in stitches over Kat’s words about her new flame.

One said: "Kim's reaction to Kat saying she's seen Phil naked. Brilliant."

Another fan added: "That’s not Mitchell babe, that’s menopause. Kim’s lines tonight are hilarious!"

A third viewer chimed in:  "He's full on Alan Titchmarsh when he gets going!" Oh god Kat."

Meanwhile, Ben suggested online dating to Phil in the hope that he’d find an alternative partner to Kat. 

Ben discovered his dad and Kat were dating earlier this week after urging Phil to teach Kat a lesson for grassing them up to criminal Stas. 

When Ben grabbed his coat and told Phil he’d do it himself, Phil confessed he was seeing her. 

Ben laughed in his dad’s face for dating the cleaner and proceeded to take the mick out of him. 

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