Kate Garraway ’embarrassed’ as she’s told rogue contact lens caused eye injury

Kate Garraway, 53, has told Good Morning Britain viewers that she "felt a bit embarrassed" when she was told a stray contact lens was causing her recent eye issues.

The ITV favourite was forced to wear glasses on the show on Thursday, as she told viewers of a mysterious painful eye injury.

Returning to GMB on Friday morning, Ben Shephard, 45, mentioned that Kate wasn't wearing glasses – though, as it turned out, she should have been.

She said: "I'm so glad you asked, because I know everyone's gripped by this. It turned out to be an extraordinarily complicated medical problem.

"I went to the eye hospital in London yesterday and a ream of nurses were baffled, then eventually, after some numbing drops so I wasn't a big girl's blouse, they found it was a contact lens stuck in the top of my eyes, been there for about six days."

Mum-of-two Kate explained: "I think what happened is, I thought I'd taken it out but there was a sneaky bit remaining.

"I felt a bit embarrassed that I'd taken up people's time."

But she said she "couldn't see a thing" when she left, due to the eye drops that she was given to dilate her pupils.

It turned out Kate was jumping the gun a bit by ditching the glasses, though.

She said: "I'm not really supposed to have contacts in but I thought, if I just wore them for the show and then take them out."

Ben then urged viewers to get in touch with Kate later on in the day, saying: "On Twitter and Instagram, just remind Kate to take them out."

The duo then asked Dr Hilary Jones, 67, about the problem, and he had some tongue in cheek advice.

He said: "Conjuctivitis.com is really good – it's a site for sore eyes."

Proving it wasn't just medical expertise he could dish out, his early morning gag left Ben and Kate in stitches.

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