Kate Garraway slams Trump for saying coronavirus is a ‘blessing’

Kate Garraway was completely baffled to hear President Donald Trump describe catching coronavirus as a ‘blessing from God’. 

Trump, 74, tested positive for coronavirus last week and spent three days receiving treatment and taking experimental drugs in hospital.

However he’s since been released and appears to be recovering well while telling Americans in a new video yesterday: ‘I think this was a blessing from God that I caught it.’ 

More than 200,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the US making it one of the worst death tolls in one country worldwide. 

Reacting to Trump’s comments, Kate said on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain with a sigh: ‘Blessing from God. The idea of getting a fateful disease with no confident cure at the moment as any kind of blessing from God is such a strange thing to say.’ 

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Kate’s husband Derek Draper is still in hospital seven months after being diagnosed with Covid-19. He was placed into a coma and recently emerged but remains in a minimal state of consciousness. Although he’s now coronavirus-free, the potentially fatal disease has ravaged his body with significant damage to his heart and lungs. 

Continuing her criticism of Trump, Kate said: ‘If I’m trying to be fair to him, does he mean it’s a blessing because he understands the impact? He’s now used himself as a trial for some of these things? 

‘That’s a nice way you’d hope he’d be saying it but it completely ignores the fact that those things that are tried and tested aren’t as accessible…

‘You can’t say something’s a blessing when more than 200,000 people in your own country and more than a million worldwide have died from it. 

‘It’s not the way we hope our elected representatives feel. You’d hope they can sense the horror before they actually go through it.’ 

She added: ‘The strong leadership position at this point would be to publicly follow the rules… and be a beacon of how to behave.’ 

Richard Arnold went on to address Trump’s controversial video of his return to the White House, which was filmed with drone shots and dramatic orchestral music. 

The TV presenter joked: ‘It’s cut like the new James Bond film, it’s remarkable.’ 

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