Kate Garraway wipes away tears as she opens up on how children are coping

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Kate Garraway wiped away tears during Tuesday's edition of Good Morning Britain after being asked how her children are coping with Derek Draper's ongoing Covid battle.

Since March Derek has been hospitalised, and while he is now Covid free, the virus has caused untold damage to his organs.

Kate said: "I think they have coped tremendously well.

"The simple act of talking on FaceTime to a dad who is very changed – it is a huge one. They cope with it in their different ways.

"They are amazing. They have both seen the documentary as I wanted to make sure they are comfortable with it."

Wiping away tears, the ITV host added: "They are coping every day. I think it is a compliment to Derek and up until now he had filmed them with so much love and confidence and hopefully will be able to again."

It wasn't until later summer last year that Kate agreed to film the documentary in order to help others who have also been through challenging times and heartbreak due to the pandemic.

"I know I am very lucky Derek is still here. We do still have the chance to battle on," she continued.

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"We are all battling through in different ways. But it is still making sure that the people who have been very ill are not forgotten."

Revealing why she did the documentary, Kate said: "There were many many months before I went back to GMB where I was locked in that bubble due to the restrictions and that was a very private time.

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"When I came back to work I was amazed and moved by people's reactions and people said I was talking about long term situations they are facing.

"I thought this story needs to be told as I have a chance to tell it and they don't.

"The footage was first meant for me. Then we got an iPad into the hospital.

'We started recording to it. It was so emotional and it was all I could do so I wouldn't fall apart."

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