Katherine Ryan was so embarrassed by The Duchess sex scene that she almost fled Netflix set stark naked

COMEDIENNE Katherine Ryan has told of the toe-curling moment she nearly fled the set of her Netflix series as she prepared for a sex scene.

The star, who has written and stars in semi-biographical The Duchess, told of the one hugely embarrassing plot which made her want to quit the project for good.

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Speaking to The Sun Online, the mum-of-one let slip her apprehension over the saucy moment during which she contemplated simply "leaving the building."

Katherine, 37, said: "I stood behind the door and calculated how much money it would cost for me to run away.

"I thought ‘OK how many lighting technicians are here and how much do you think we spent hiring this set’ and I just calculated that it was too much so then I went in the room and did the sex scene.

"Which I wrote but I really struggled to perform in because your intellectual mind is very different to your central nervous system.

"I thought before I did it acting is fun you just pretend but it turns out acting is really hard, especially when acting intimacy.

"I mean, I just didn’t get Botox for a year and I thought that’s all it took to be an actress, like ‘alright I can move my face, that’s what Judi Dench must be doing but that’s it’ and I was wrong, it’s actually really hard and it can be a little bit embarrassing.

"But I just thought they needed to have a sex scene for the viewer to believe that these two were in a relationship and that’s why I wrote it but that is the thing, when you’re naked that’s what separates the actors from the stand ups."

The show has been billed as an authentic extension of Katherine’s stand-up comedian stage persona.

It explores the unique world view of a fashionably disruptive all-round bad person whose redeeming quality is that she’ll sacrifice everything to be the best parent she can be.

The Duchess' hilarious trailer shows Katherine juggling being a single mother with her new boyfriend and school gate politics.

She is also eager to explore the possibilities of having another child, whether that’s with a sperm donor or her messy ex remains to be seen.

Talking of the semi-biographical plot the Canadian told us: "Her name is Katherine Ryan out of pure laziness, I was supposed to change her name but then I just thought ‘Oh well’.

"The character is maybe more like my stage persona than she is like me. Because what is mirrored in my real life is I do have a very special, unique central mother-daughter relationship and it has always been prioritised above any other relationship in my life.

"I know that ‘Katherine’ has a unique world view and a real logical way of solving problems which creates more problems for her but she never disparages being a mom and that’s the same with me, I celebrate my relationship with my daughter.

"I’ve had other challenges in my life but parenting was never one of them."

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