Katie Price 'could be new Supernanny' as she becomes number one for parenting advice on celebrity messaging app

KATIE Price could become the new Supernanny as she becomes the most in-demand star on a celebrity messaging app – for her parental advice.

The mum-of-five, 42, has risen up to the top of the chart for in demand celebs on Thrillz thanks to fans being wowed by her parenting skills on BBC show Harvey and Me, according to insiders.

Parents were inspired by the "unbreakable" bond she shares with disabled son Harvey, which was shown on the one-off documentary.

Insiders say the Thrillz success could lead to Katie, who is also mum to Junior, 15, Princess, 13, Jett, seven and Bunny, six, being offered her own "Supernanny" TV series.

One insider said: "Katie really showed a unique side of her personality on the documentary, demonstrating the real struggles and challenges of being a parent, not just to Harvey, but also her other four kids.

"Many people relate to her situation in the modern world, and feel she could help them.

"In recent weeks many have reached out to her to get advice on care, as well as having something for the kids to see that their parents are in touch with Britain's most famous celebrity mum.

"It has been a real success and such a positive experience for Katie as well as families."

The source added: "The way that Katie's career has developed, don't be surprised if a TV network gets wind of this and pitches her as this generation's Supernanny.

"We know her TV series have been hits, and with her passion for parenting it would be a heartfelt project."

In one video, shared with The Sun, Katie advises fan Jane about the challenges of having a toddler.

"It's really tough having a two-year-old," she says.

"You wait until they get three..on the floor crying, screaming. They want everything. When you tell them no, the kick off. They are into everything."

Asked about how to find personal time while parenting, she added: "You have to. Even if you are in the bath relaxing. Anything. But it is difficult because they can become very clingy and naughty."

She added that taking time out for herself, she said: "I would get my eyebrows done, lashes tinted and my nails."

Katie charges £495 for personal messages and tips on Thrillz, while businesses hand over £1k for fuller length online bookings.

Thrillz Founder Anjan Luthra, said: "We are delighted to have Katie Price on Thrillz.

"She's great at interacting with her fans. It's heartwarming that our partnership has created such positivity for parenting."

Katie recently revealed Harvey would be moving out and heading to a transitional residential school before starting his studies at college.

The teen has severe autism, a rare complex genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome and is partially blind

He has a long list of medical and behavioural conditions and Katie has made the heartbreaking decision to put the 18-year-old into care.

As he moves into adulthood, it marks a transition into unchartered territory as there are no other adults known to have Harvey’s combination of conditions.

The BBC is already working on a follow up to Harvey And Me.

Speaking about the documentary Katie said on Instagram: "Together we have built our private world, a bond between mother and son which goes deeper than most – we are unbreakable."⁣⁣

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