Katie Price in talks over son Harvey starring in a follow-up show about his life at college

KATIE Price is in talks over son Harvey starring in a follow-up show about his life at college, The Sun can reveal.

The celeb is set to share details of her life raising the disabled teenager in new BBC One documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me.

It airs tonight on BBC One, and sees her searching for specialist residential colleges capable of coping with 29-stone Harvey now he’s turned 18.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Katie, 42, explained: "I've already said to them they should do a follow up of him at the college and how he settles in to the next step, that's what I've said to them. There needs to be a follow up.

"I think they want to do it, and I've said we want a follow up – how he learns, his progress, you're just getting the baby steps now, but it's going to be a dramatic change, and we're like two peas in pod so it is dramatic. It's going to be very emotional."

In one disturbing scene which will air tonight Harvey headbutts and kicks doors during a tour of one of the centres, but his mum insists the show only provides a glimpse of how challenging his behaviour is.

She said: “He can get a lot worse. I can remember this time. We were coming back from Turkey and he wanted another pizza on the plane. I said: ‘No we’re home now’ but he wanted to stay on holiday and stay on the plane.

“So he started kicking off and everyone had to get off the plane at the back end, while I got him off the other end. Then in that tube thing you go up to get off, he was like kicking it, smashing it, then all the armed police came.

“I was like: ‘Oh my god, don’t worry it’s fine, he’s got autism and that, I’ll deal with him.’ because he was trying to pull phones off the wall, spinning round to kick everybody, he just had a meltdown.

“Then they recognised me. But no one could control him and there I am on the floor watching people come off the plane. And I’m so small compared to him, and I’m going ‘It’s alright Harv.’

“He made such a scene and all because he wanted pizza and to stay on the plane. But I actually got respect from the police airline staff and police. They were like: you actually coped really well.

“But you see, this is the side of him people don’t see.”

Katie made a deliberate decision to avoid showing the worst behaviour of Harvey, who has ADHD, autism, genetic condition ­Prader-Willi Syndrome and septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness.

The show reveals how Harvey’s 24/7 care at one of the specialist college could cost up to £350,000 a year and if his behaviour isn’t handled properly by staff it could to him being sectioned.

Katie Price: Harvey and Me, airs Monday night at 8.30pm on BBC One.

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