Katie Price reveals alleged trolls have been arrested after mocking Harvey in racist video and she'll face them in court

KATIE Price has said she will appear in court to face the people accused of bullying her disabled son Harvey online.

The 42-year-old reality star, who is spearheading the Track A Troll campaign to remove anonymity online, spoke on BBC News today.

She explained that three people have been arrested after a video of a man and woman pretending to be her and Harvey appeared online.

The clip, that appeared online in November, allegedly saw the man – who was wearing blackface – say: "Hello you c***s."

Speaking today Katie said: "I do know three people have been arrested.

"A couple in Aberdeen. And the person who actually retweeted it has been charged with Malicious Communications."

She added: "I would love to say what kind of abuse Harvey gets, but I wouldn't say it because it's so horrific to say, but when you read it, it should be treated the same as how you say it."

The star explained: "I said I will attend court because I want to face these people myself and just to show that something can be done. But we still need to tighten up the system. 

"This doesn't happen with everyone's case and I would say if anyone out there is being trolled, just document everything you can so you've got that case and then go to the police with it.

"There's no point retaliating back, because if you do, you end up being just as bad as them."

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