Katie Price reveals she's three months sober and drug-free after passing official tests following rehab

KATIE Price is sober and has passed all the tests that show she’s been drug and alcohol free for three months since going to rehab, she reveals today.

The reality star went to The Priory in January after struggling to cope – and filmed the whole thing for her TV show My Crazy Life.

Now, Katie proudly reveals she’s stayed sober since leaving the facility and The Sun Online has seen the official documents where hair strand tests prove she has passed all the tests.

Katie, 41, tells The Sun Online: “I want everyone to see this is for real, not another come back come back – I am back. After giving birth to my five beautiful children this is the most empowering feeling in the world.”

Her publicist added: “Katie has passed both a drug and alcohol test with no traces of either in three months.

“Katie is not only is determined to make the changes but to stick to them, no more second chances – Katie's had a real wake up call.

“Katie has journeyed a long way since being admitted to the Priory. She has addressed her greatest fears, the demons that haunted her and is growing into a strong independent woman – ready now to face life’s demands and challenges.

“The test is a part of that change and growth, this very much validates the person she is today and how far she has come.

“Not only does this show courage and willing to make a difference in not only her life but to those she loves the most-  her children, close family and friends who have been there to support her through what has been a changeling and emotional time.”

Katie has admitted taking cocaine to ‘numb the pain’ of a tough year.

Speaking on her show, she told her friend Rick: “Because my head was so numb with stuff, my reaction was ‘oh just another thing, just another thing,’ which wasn’t normal to act like, Just no emotion.

"So that’s why I turned to something to escape from that, and mine ended up being the coke. This is why I can’t go back to my house, the times I’ve done coke there, all the parties there.
"It got to the point where I literally can’t talk to anyone. My mum is terminally ill, I don’t want to stress her out. Yeah, I turned to coke and I turned to drink."

Katie bravely revealed all about her struggle on her reality show last week, where she told the cameras she’d “been to hell and back” in the months leading up to rehab.

Seeking treatment, she told the show’s cameras: “I’ve decided to check in as an in-patient. It’s been something that’s been brewing for a while, there’s only so much I can take as a human being.”

“I’ve been slowly going off the rails for just over 10 years. At times I’ve been a mess.

“I’ve been to hell and back, but I’m starting to feel like me again.

“Four weeks in hospital and some intense therapy that will continue for the rest of my life has got me back to being me.

“It just goes to show, if I can do it, anyone can.”

She later told The Sun: “This TV special is probably the most personal thing I have ever done – the final chapter of a nightmare that is now over and the start of a whole new world and life for me.”

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