Katie Price's son Harvey calls her a 'd***head' as tells him off and says 'you've got to stop swearing'

KATIE Price told disabled son Harvey "'you've got to stop swearing" after he branded her a "d***head" in her latest YouTube video.

Harvey, 18, apologised to his mum but he couldn't help doing it again – later saying "for f***s sake" after he was banned from hugging his grandmother Amy who he hadn't seen in months.

The teenager, who has Prader-Willi syndrome and is on the autistic spectrum, got frustrated when he wasn't allowed to go inside his nanny Amy's house because she is isolating.

Instead the mother and son sat in Amy's garden and chatted to her through the open patio doors, with Harvey slipping in a few more swearwords.

But Amy – who has been diagnosed with an incurable lung condition – was just happy to see her family and took no notice.

She showered her grandson with gifts, including a toy block that she wanted Harvey to "play with when he gets angry".

Harvey, experiences angry outbursts relating to his genetic conditions.

He was seen on camera smashing his head against a wall in the BBC One documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me earlier this year.

He has also been confronted by armed police when he refused to get off an aircraft, and has been known to smash car windows.

Harvey has a habit of smashing things when distressed, with Katie revealing he broke six TVs in the first lockdown.

In a YouTube video posted by the star, she revealed Harvey also broke a projector – a Christmas present he received to stop him smashing TVs.

Viewers of theBBC documentary Katie Price: Me And Harvey also saw him becoming upset by a loud noise while visiting a residential college.

When a slamming noise was heard Harvey reacted by hitting his head backwards on a door suddenly.

Katie has said in the past her mum is her "rock" as she has raised Harvey almost singlehandedly.

Opening up about her mum's devastating terminal idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, she said on Channel 4 show Steph's Packed Lunch: “My mum is my absolute rock, my absolute best friend.

"To be told she’s got an incurable breathing disease breaks my heart. Sadly, she hasn’t got long left to live."

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