Kelly Clarkson says her mental health is a ‘rollercoaster’ as she suffers from ‘depression’ in lockdown after divorce – The Sun

KELLY Clarkson's mental health has been an up and down battle as she also suffers from "depression" in lockdown after her divorce from Brandon Blackstock.

The American Idol alum and Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik discussed how they are dealing with staying at home more often during an episode of the singer's talk show.

During the interview, Kelly, 38, mentioned her mental health during the pandemic has been a "rollercoaster."

She explained: “I have suffered from depression and it’s one of those things where I don’t do well.

“And I’m an extrovert, so this not seeing humans and not interacting, I really feed off of people’s energy and I love the people that I’ve chosen to surround myself with in my life.

"So, yeah, I definitely missed even like my glam squad, you know?”

Mayim also chimed in, adding: "It’s definitely been a roller coaster and I’ve been very open and vocal about growing up with mental health challenges and that’s a continuing issue for many of us who struggle.

This is not the first time that The Voice judge has touched on her mental health as she had a candid chat with Demi Lovato after filing for divorce from her longtime husband.

She told Demi: "I love how open you are with mental health, because i have similar issues and I suffer from depression.

"I think a lot of people especially in the creative world, or just from childhood, who have been trained to sort of just keep going and you can handle it, especially as a woman – don't let them see you sweat.

"And I love that you're open about that, as not everyone is as vulnerable being like that and I think it's helpful for your fans."

Kelly later added: "I think people look at us and even when you overcome something they're like 'she's overcome that', no, no, no, that's a daily effort in trying to stay positive.

"It's not just a given that you went to some magical therapy session and you're over it."

On June 4, Kelly filed for divorce from the music manager after seven years of marriage.

The pair share two kids — daughter River Rose, 6, and son Remington, 4.

Afterwards, sources close to the couple told Entertainment Tonight: "Kelly and Brandon had been having problems for several months and had been making an effort to work things out."

Just a few weeks later following the split, Kelly thanked Brandon, 43, after winning a daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host.

She tweeted: “Thank you so much to @BBlackstock for believing in me & convincing me to do @KellyClarksonTV show."

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