Kiefer Sutherland On Rabbit Hole Season 2 & Lack Of Transparency From Streamers On Where They Stand With Renewals

Kiefer Sutherland is ready to go on down the Rabbit Hole again but is not sure where Paramount+ stands on picking up the series for a second season.

In a new interview, the actor opened up about wanting to do a second season of the series created by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra.

“I absolutely adored working on the show, and I absolutely love John and Glenn and their process, and I just absolutely love the cast,” he told TV Insider in an interview. “It was an extraordinary group of people, and we had an awful lot of fun working, and yeah, I hope we get to do it again.”

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Sutherland has no idea if Paramount+ is renewing the series and shared his thoughts on the difference between working on a show for a network and a streamer.

“It’s so weird now because I did ten years on 24, and I did three years of Designated Survivor, two years of Touch, and those were all network-based shows — at least Designated Survivor ’til the final year, then it was Netflix,” he said. “With the networks, there was a relationship somehow that would get developed pretty quickly and you would know. You would get a sense it would be leaning one way or another, and you would pretty much know as you were finishing up your season what was going to happen.”

Sutherland continued, “With the streaming services — with Paramount+ and my experience with Netflix, and I have to believe with all of them because I’ve heard this from other actors and writers as well — there’s kind of a wall between the group that makes whatever the programming is and the people that actually program it, and I don’t know why, but Nielsen’s not publishing the ratings for these shows particularly. And so there’s a lot of counting and figuring that’s going on that really you’re not involved with at all. It’s just changed. So it is very odd to not have a sense of where they stand with it.”

The first season of Rabbit Hole consisted of eight episodes with Sutherland playing John Weir, a corporate spy that is framed for a murder. Aside from Sutherland, the cast also includes Meta Golding, Enid Graham, Rob Yang, Walt Klink and Charles Dance.

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