Killing Eve season 3 trailer reveals surprise release date two weeks early

Killing Eve season 3 has dropped one hell of a bombshell on us with its trailer – as in a rare turn of good news for TV fanatics amid the coronavirus outbreak, this show isn’t getting cancelled… we’re getting it earlier. 

The BBC have confirmed the show has been brought forward by two whole weeks meaning that fans across the world can start watching the series from 13 April. 

In the UK, it will air on BBC iPlayer first, before beginning it’s residency on Sunday nights on BBC One from the 19 April. 

…And from the looks of it, we’re getting ready for war with Villanelle (Jodie Comer) screaming blue murder at a bunch of kids in the first moments of the one-minute teaser. 

IT has nothing on this one. 

In a voiceover, she’s heard talking about Eve, who she declares is her ex, and is relishing in a life full of fabulous fashion when the unthinkable happens. 

She gets news that Eve, who Villanelle left bleeding out on the floors of Roman ruins at the end of season two, has actually survived. 

Soon the pair are back on another lethal cat-and-mouse hunt trying to find each other amid numerous disguises and near misses – but what are they going to do when they actually find each other? 

We’re excited to see how this plays out. Place your bets now on who makes it out of this new deadly game alive. 

Killing Eve launches 13 April on BBC iPlayer and airs Sunday 19 April on BBC One.  

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