Kim and Khloe Kardashian slammed for bad-mouthing sister Kourtney to troubled baby daddy Scott Disick

KIM and Kourtney Kardashian's physical fight on Keeping Up With The Kardashians shocked fans.

And fans slammed Kim and her sister Khloe for talking about it behind her back, with her baby daddy Scott Disick.

Kim and Khloe are seen in a restaurant with Scott, in a bonus KUWTK scene released on Tuesday, griping about Kourtney's failure to apologise.

Khloe – who said that she separated the two during the fight – explained that she had to reach out to her eldest sister first.

"I text Kourtney, I said 'Hey Mike' – Mike Tyson – I was like – how are you doing? She was like, 'Hey Tony'. I don't think she knew who Mike was," she told Disick – who shares three children with Kourtney.

"And I was like, so are we ever gonna talk about this?" she added.

Khloe continued: "If I hadn't reached out to Kourt, she never would have reached out to me, which is crazy."

The sisters were due to take a family trip together to Armenia, which caused Scott to ask Khloe and Kim how they were going to approach any potential awkwardness on their travels.

"I'm just trying to understand about Armenia," raised Disick.

"Are you just gonna sit down one day prior and then get on a plane across the world?"

"I think she only apologising because there was like a deadline," said Khloe, of Kourt.

Kim is then heard discussing the drama on the phone, as she tells Shelli Azoff, her BFF Allison's mom that she hopes the scratches Kourtney gave her, heal up.

"I hope I don't get scars," she said.

She then revealed that she's not the only family member to fall victim to Kourtney's nails.

"My mom has scars on her hand from Kourtney scratching her," Kim told Azoff.

Scott interjected with his usual brand of dry humor.

"If I only took my shirt off, you'd know what scars are.." he said before dissolving in laughter.

Fans were disapproving of the sisters having the conversation with Disick, who was in a relationship with Kourtney for nine years from 2006 before splitting because of his cheating.

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One commented: "Honestly, this “talking behind the back” with their sister’s ex is kinda horrible."

"Kourtney has officially become the scapegoat of the family. It is a very toxic family dysfunction when this happens. This is happening to me with my husbands family. It’s the worst situation to be in and mentally damaging. They should stop bullying her," another said.

"If my sisters sat with the man who cheated on me slagging me off I swear I’d be done with them. They have no respect for her and prioritise Scott over Kourtney," wrote another commenter.

Another wrote: "I hope these 3 know how bad they treat kourt I feel bad she needs to get out of this family too bad she can’t pick her family."

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