Kim Petras reveals she landed her first acting job but lockdown put it on hold – The Sun

KIM Petras is leading the resurgence of exciting pop music but she could soon be hitting the TV too.

The German singer has revealed she has landed an acting job, although it’s bittersweet news because it’s been put on ice as filming was due to start just as Los Angeles, where she now lives, went into lockdown.

In an exclusive interview, she explained: “I was about to do it and then quarantine came around and I couldn’t do it, everything got cancelled, which is annoying."

“It wasn’t a movie, it was a show. I was really excited about it. But I think it will still happen. I don’t think I could ever play anything too serious. I have a big passion for comedy and humour and comedic timing.”

Instead Kim will release her new single Malibu on Thursday – a return to her signature upbeat sound following her dark heartbreak album Clarity.

Speaking about the meaning behind it, she said: “I grew up in Germany and I always thought Malibu would be this crazy magical place and then I got there and I was like, 'This is actually quite boring.'

“It's just a bunch of ripped people by a beach and a sushi place in the middle. It's a love song with that as the concept. The imagination of it is always greater than it actually is. I'm sure that's like Germany too – everyone's expecting pretzels and pigtails."

“It's weird because the song is three years old, we've made like ten versions of it and it was never right but it always kept coming back."

“Somebody random would hear it and be like, 'You are crazy for not putting this out.' And every time I'd be like, 'I don't like this part yet. It took convincing from other people to put it out and now I am hyped about it myself."

“It’s the first song of mine that's maybe better than Heart To Break which is my personal favourite. I consider that my best song and I think this one might be better so I'm excited."

“I think it's my favourite type of song to do, super sparkly, escapist pop. I feel like I can listen to it and forget about all the s*** that's going on. So I feel really happy that I can drop this right now.”

And despite singing “all your kisses taste like Malibu,” Kim insisted it’s not about the coconut liqueur which shares the name.

But when asked if she was hoping for a lifetime supply, she added with a laugh: “I hope so. That would be really lit. We've definitely spoken to them about that.”

It’s a world away from her 2019 debut album Clarity which was written after she came out of a long term relationship which ended when she discovered her boyfriend had been unfaithful.

Reflecting on the situation now she said: “I feel like it was so disgusting, I was cheated on, I felt so gross, I didn't want to be in a relationship ever again. It was my first time that that happened. It sucked. It just made me want to not do that for a while."

“I kind of live for the falling in love phase of anything, it's just the best. And then it turns into a relationship and it's like, not as good, you know? I'm always chasing that – the thrill of it – rather than being in a relationship and having to see the person every day."

“That ties into Malibu because it's such a falling in love song and it feels like a return to that for me because Clarity was all of this dark s*** that I'd gone through and now I've returned to colour and being happy and just that feeling. I'm chasing that feeling in songs, in life, in everything."

“I haven’t really dated… I have definitely partied with people and made out with people and s*** like that, but that's about it. I just don't feel like a relationship is my goal right now.”

As well as releasing her album, the last year has seen Kim tour across the world, culminating in a show at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire earlier this year on the same week as the NME Awards where she met one of her own pop icons, Taylor Swift.

“She came up to me and said that she loved my music so it was really cool. I was like, ‘Oh my God, icon. That’s incredible,’” she remembered. It was kinda crazy that it happened right before I was about to give an award to Slipknot."

“I'm pretty obsessed with Taylor Swift, to be honest. I love her Fearless album, that’s one of my favourite albums ever, I think 1989 is amazing."

“She's such an incredible songwriter and there's no denying that. She's just a really f***ing sick songwriter.”

For now, Kim is using the lockdown to finally take a break and work on more new music.

She added: “It's chill, I'm just happy I have a home studio set-up."

“I feel like I've gotten the break I needed to make a record so I definitely feel like I've got time now to dig deep and talk about what I wanted to talk about and make songs I've always wanted to make.”

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