Kimmel Edits 'Proud Boy in the Bubble' Trump Into VP Debate So He Can Interrupt Kamala Harris (Video)

“It was polite, it was reasonable, it was orderly. It was so even-keeled, the president couldn’t help but jump in”

Jimmy Kimmel gave a play-by-play of the debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” with one big edit made to the otherwise “polite,” “reasonable,” and “orderly” debate: the addition of President Donald Trump.

During Kimmel’s monologue last night, which was taped after the VP debate aired, he poked fun at the fly that landed on Pence’s head and stayed there for two minutes (“Technically that fly is now his running mate”) and the “unusual amount of focus” that was put on the swine flu and fracking (“Mike Pence loves to say ‘fracking’ because it’s the closest he’s allowed to get to using a curse word”) before deciding to remix the footage a bit.

“But no one’s mind was changed tonight, almost none of the questions were answered,” Kimmel said. “Watching this after the Trump-Biden debate was like falling asleep during a UFC fight and waking up to ‘The Great British Baking Show.’ It was the kind of debate Donald Trump hates. It was polite, it was reasonable, it was orderly. It was so even-keeled, the president couldn’t help but jump in.”

The ABC late-night host then rolled footage from the event, starting with Harris saying, “the American people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country–” before adding in a clip of Trump from his debate with Biden on Sept. 29. Trump “interrupts” Harris repeatedly, as she tries to give her answer to moderator Susan Page.

“The proud boy in the bubble was bursting at the inseams,” Kimmel said. “He could not wait to get back in the mix. Trump tweeted 40 times in the span of two hours last night and he played all the hits: Hillary, Obama, Comey, voter fraud, Nancy Pelosi’s hair, and then, even though we’ve not been told he’s negative for the virus, he went back to work in the Oval Office — which means that’s where he watched TV today.”

Watch Kimmel’s full monologue above.

Alec Baldwin and 11 Other Actors Who've Played Donald Trump on Screen (Photos)

  • Phil Hartman, “Saturday Night Live” (1988-1990)

    Long before Alec Baldwin donned a blond wig, the late Phil Hartman played Donald Trump in a series of sketches. The first mocked Donald and Ivana Trump (Jan Hooks) as out-of-touch rich people at Christmas-time, while later skits depicted the couple’s tabloid divorce.


  • Darrell Hammond, “Saturday Night Live” (1999-2011) 

    Before Baldwin, Hammond was the go-to impersonator of Trump, starting with two sketches in 1989 and then off and on in multiple sketches over the next decade. He even returned to don a too-long red tie when Trump was guest host in 2015.


  • Louis Ferreira, “Trump Unauthorized” (2005) 

    The Portugese-born actor — best known for his work on TV series like “Stargate Universe,” “Breaking Bad” and “S.W.A.T.” — starred as the real estate mogul-turned reality star in a 2005 ABC movie.


    Apollo Media

  • Jason Sudeikis, “Saturday Night Live” (2012)  

    In a cold open parody of “Fox & Friends,” Sudeikis channeled Trump criticizing President Barack Obama’s handling of Hurricane Sandy. Ironically, he also played Joe Biden during the first years of the Trump administration.


  • Taran Killam, “Saturday Night Live” (2015) 

    After Trump announced his bid for the White House, Taran Killam grimaced his way through sketches as the (then) long-shot candidate in a series of episodes through the early months of the 2016 campaign.



  • Johnny Depp, “#FODTrumpMovie: Introducing Ivana” (2016)

    The heavily made-up “Pirates of the Caribbean” star played an ’80s-era Trump (opposite Micheala Watkins’ Ivana) in a “found” video posted by Funny or Die in February 2016.

    Funny or Die

  • Alec Baldwin, “Saturday Night Live” (2016-)  

    The former “30 Rock” star began playing Trump in October 2016 just one month before the mogul’s surprise election victory — and he has continued to lampoon the president throughout his presidency, often in the cold open that kicks off the show.


  • Bob DiBuono, “The Nightly Show Larry Wilmore Show” (2016)  

    Comedian Bob DiBuono has emerged as one of the leading Trump impersonators, appearing regularly on Larry Willmore’s Comedy Central show as well as “Murphy Brown” and “The View.”


    Comedy Central

  • Jimmy Fallon, “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” (2016-) 

    “SNL” alum Jimmy Fallon received far less favorable reviews for his own Trump impression on “The Tonight Show” — as well as infamous hair-mussing of the then-candidate in a 2016 pre-election appearance.


  • Anthony Atamanuik, “The President Show” (2017-18) 

    Atamanuik won over critics with his Trump impression: “superior to (Alec) Baldwin’s in a handful of ways — chiefly the hands, which he uses to punch the air while simultaneously reaching for a word that won’t quite come,” Newsday critic Verne Gay wrote). But the series lasted only two seasons.

    Comedy Central

  • Brendan Gleeson, “The Comey Rule” (2020) 

    In Showtime’s miniseries about the standoff between Trump and former FBI director James Comey, Irish actor Brendan Gleeson plays the Commander in Chief. “Gleeson kicks the program to life,” New York Times critic James Poniewozik wrote. “His rendering of Trump’s wandering diction is the best I’ve seen outside a lip-sync. Half his performance is in his bearing, chin jutted forward like the prow of a swollen yacht.”

    Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg

  • Jeff Rector, “Bad President” (2020) 

    In this satire, the comedian plays a Trump who is seduced by the Devil himself (Eddie Griffin) to run for president.

    VMI Distribution

Irish actor Brendan Gleeson is the latest to play the real estate mogul turned Commander in Chief

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