Kimmel Hopes Trump Gets His Twitter Back if He Goes to Jail (Video)

But Kimmel cautions “this will be the 37th crime he gets away with”

Jimmy Kimmel is fairly convinced that Donald Trump will escape any real legal consequences from the new criminal investigation into the Trump organization. But if Trump actually faces justice, Kimmel says he hopes they give the disgraced ex-president his Twitter account.

The joke came Wednesday during Kimmel’s opening monologue when he talked about the news Tuesday that the Attorney General of New York is conducting a criminal investigation of Trump in concert with the civil investigation underway by the New York City district attorney’s office. The specifics of the criminal investigation haven’t been made public, so it’s unclear what exactly Trump may or may not be in trouble for. But the city of New York is investigating if the Trump organization defrauded investors or lenders, or evaded taxes. So now you know.

Kimmel began the bit by recapping what I just described above, then cracking “of course, it’s not like Donald Trump to lie – but I guess they had to check it out. And they’re now looking at bank fraud. Tax fraud. Insurance fraud. It’s starting to look like the guy who ran a fraudulent charitable foundation and a fraudulent university, might be a fraud.”

“So, they say Trump could potentially get extradited from Florida to New York,” Kimmel continued. “If he does end up in prison, I really think we should give him Twitter back.  I don’t know about you, but I want to know everything that goes on in there, right? I’d pay for that.”

Kimmel joked that he things “this ends with a police chase too, right? OJ Style,” but then brought people back to earth. “Either that or this will be the 37th crime he gets away with.”

“I’ll tell you know, there is no greater divide between anyone’s future than Donald Trump,” Kimmel said as he finished the bit up. “In 2025, he could either be President again – or trading cigarettes for face bronzer. You don’t know.”

Watch the whole monologue above. The Trump stuff begins about a minute in.

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