Lil Dicky Admits He Still 'Feels Pressure' to Release Music Even Though He Has His Own Show

After viral rapper Lil Dicky released his freshman album in 2015, he focused on creating a show based on his real life. He met the famed writer, producer, and director Jeff Schaffer in 2017, who believed in the rapper and made his dreams a reality. In March 2020, the half-hour comedy titled Dave premiered on FXX, and the first season received “generally positive reviews.”

Even though Lil Dicky has seemingly switched gears and become an actor, he admitted in a Deadline Virtual House panel that he still ‘feels pressure’ to release music.

Co-creator Jeff Schaffer on creating the show

Writer, producer, and director Jeff Schaffer, who conceptualized the Festivus pole on Seinfeld (1997), met Dave “Lil Dicky” Burd and his manager Scooter Braun sometime in 2017. When they met, the writer recognized the rapper from his popular viral music videos.

According to Schaffer, Lil Dicky began telling stories about his life, and the producer found them hilarious, so they kept in contact. The two began meeting at the Curb Your Enthusiasm offices, an HBO series starring Larry David in which Schaffer directed and served as executive producer for several episodes.

The director noted that while he and Lil Dicky spoke in the offices, the famous comedian would “stick his head in” and joke with the rapper, “there’s only one LD.”

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During Schaffer’s conversations with Lil Dicky, he began to realize their show would be “interesting” because the 32-year-old is “more than just a different rapper.”

The Seinfeld writer also believes Lil Dicky would still be funny even if he worked as an accountant “by his interactions.” Therefore, he wanted the show to be thoroughly authentic and aimed to “provide the actors with vulnerability” since the comedy was already there.

Why Lil Dicky wanted to make ‘Dave’

According to Lil Dicky, he desired to create Dave because he “certainly believed I could make one of the best shows on television.” Even though he had high ambitions, the rapper admitted he didn’t know how to create a show and didn’t think his viral videos were enough.

Therefore, he met with several people as he wanted to find the right person to trust and believe in before finally connecting with Shaffer. Lil Dicky noted that he envisioned his show as authentic and hilarious with “a lot of emotional depth.”

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Additionally, he wanted it to be “aesthetically pleasing,” down to the music, and “well shot.” A reason why one of his favorite scenes from the series is the end of Episode 9 when he’s driving home alone from the wedding after he and Ally broke up is that he loves the way it’s filmed.

Lil Dicky admits he still ‘feels pressure’ to release music

Even though the rapper aspires to have one of the best shows on television, he admitted he still “feels the urge” to release music. The comedian noted he doesn’t want people to think he used music as a stepping stone to get his own show and wants to continue rapping.

Additionally, Lil Dicky pointed out that rapping “is a young man’s game,” so he wants to keep putting out music while he can. However, he would like to focus on his show as it got renewed for a second season and work on his music. Therefore, the rapper and comedian claimed he “feels pressure at all times.”

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Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the writing hasn’t begun for the upcoming season even though they seem to know what direction they want to go in, providing the rapper with a perfect opportunity to work on a few songs before production starts up again.

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