Line of Duty fans predict Kate Fleming will die as they spot ‘tragic event’ clue

Line of Duty fans have been left convinced that main character DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) is going to be killed off in the next episode.

Kate has found herself further embroiled in the dark goings-on over at the Murder Investigation Unit on Hillside Lane, where corrupt officers Jo Davidson, Ryan Pilkington and Ian Buckells work.

She and Steve have worked out that the dangerous Ryan, who is secretly part of an organised crime group, has managed to infiltrate the police, as his crime record has ignored.

But as Kate gets closer to the truth about Jo and Ryan's grisly pasts, fans have spotted a huge clue that could have revealed she'll get killed off.

In a write up of episode six on the Radio Times, the synopsis reads: "As AC-12 struggle to deal with the repercussions of tragic events, Hastings makes one final bid to uncover institutionalised corruption before his time runs out."

In the listing for the cast and crew, Ted Hastings, played by Adrian Dunbar, and Steve Arnott, aka Martin Compston, are listed, but Vicky McClure and her character Kate are not.

Eagle-eyed fans also noticed that Jo Davidson, played by Transporting actress Kelly MacDonald was also missing from the line-up.

However, they also noted that Ian Buckells and Ryan Pilkington are also missing from the list, meaning that the coppers at MIT may have been omitted.

Devastated fans rushed to speculate about whether Kate will be killed off, as one wrote: "I really hope she isnt killed off. My favourite character in LoD."

Another added: "Nooooooooo, they cant they absolutely cant!!!"

A third chipped in: "Maybe it's her turn to be hospitalised not steve this time."

A fourth said: "Time up for Katie about time."

However, one viewer pointed out: "It's worth noting most of the Hill aren't listed, so presumably Kate is being included in their team rather than AC-12 (note no Jo, Ryan etc) obviously the inclusion of Lomax weakens that theory but still."

Another agreed: "It's to get fans losing their minds lol."

Meanwhile, it looks like there is set to be a huge twist during the fifth episode, as Martin teased that viewers will "need therapy" after watching it.

Taking to Instagram to share a dramatic shot of his character Steve running towards someone with a gun and a bulletproof vest, he added a very cryptic caption.

He wrote: "Episode 5 kicks off as stores re-open and there’s a sale on waistcoats. In all seriousness though if you thought Ep 4 ended on a cliffhanger, you’ll need therapy by the end of Ep5."

What is going to happen, and will fans find out who Jo's secret blood relative is?

Line of Duty continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC.

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