Line of Duty viewers demand justice for Chloe Bishop after brutal finale snub – but did you spot it?

LINE Of Duty fans weren't only up in arms about an underwhelming series finale – they're fighting the corner of DC Chloe Bishop, too.

Season six of the BBC crime drama wrapped on Sunday, with some viewers less than impressed by the final episode.

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The concluding scenes saw the infamous H exposed as Det Supt Ian Buckells.

Millions tuned in to the BBC1 cop thriller find out the identity of “The Fourth Man” – the double dealing policeman who AC-12 have been hunting for years.

Initially, some viewers believed it was Chloe, played by Shalom Brune-Franklin, who was the double agent but this quickly switched to sympathy for the character after she played a key role in solving the mystery.

Erron Gordon, series director of GMB, took to Twitter to write: "To summarise; Chloe managed to crack the whole thing without even breaking a sweat.

"She did it in one season and she still didn’t even get invited to the pub ‘mate’."

Another BBC viewer agreed, and put: "Chloe deserves a promotion. She solved the whole thing."

A third continued: "Chloe watching on as the team go off to the pub to celebrate when it was all her work that did it. Mate."

One then surmised: "I think we can all agree that Chloe is the only one doing any actual police work in AC-12."

The comments over her unrecognised contributions continued, with another writing: "And no one thought to invite her to the pub for the “We solved the case” pints."

One then bemoaned her luck and put: "So poor Chloe does all the work and doesn't even get an invite to the pub at the end?"

A Line Of Duty fan then rounded off with the words: "Chloe managed to crack the case the big three has spent a decade working on and doesn't even get an invite to the pub?"

The ending left fans guessing whether or not the show, watched by 11 million last week, would be returning for a highly-anticipated seventh series.

The BBC refused to confirm or deny whether any future series have been formally commissioned, leaving dedicated fans worried they may have watched their last ever episode of the cop drama.

But The Sun understands lead star Martin Compston, 36, who plays anti-corruption officer DI Steve Arnott, signed a two series deal which he is only halfway through.

Anti-corruption chief, Supt Ted Hastings, played by Adrian Dunbar, seemed to speak for the nation in expressing how much of an anti-climax the reveal was at the end of a season that saw record levels of viewers tuning in.

During Buckells’ 12-minute grilling by AC-12, he said: “All the time we were sitting here thinking we were chasing a criminal mastermind, but no….your corruption was mistaken for incompetence.

“As you made your way up through the ranks there wasn’t anything that you wouldn’t turn your hand to as long as the price was right, that’s the top and bottom of it.

“You rose through the ranks alright, leaving a trail of blunders behind you, how some people can fail upwards beggars belief.”

But some viewers thought it seemed too unbelievable, which raised the prospect of there being more corrupt coppers in Central Police – and also the chance of further series.

Meanwhile, another section of fans believe James Nesbitt's blink and you miss it cameo in season six is concrete proof there must be another instalment to allow him to expand his role as Marcus Thurwell – despite his character being presumed dead.

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