Line of Duty’s Rochenda Sandall warns fans they could wait another whole year for BBC’s season 6 – The Sun

LINE of Duty fans might be in for a long wait as the sixth season could be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rochenda Sandall, who plays the role of Lisa McQueen in popular BBC drama Line of Duty, said the series would get back to filming on when it was completely safe to do so.

Speaking on The Sunday Brunch, Rochenda explained the show's creator Jed Mercurio had a medical background so would be extra careful about returning to set.

She revealed they had started filming season six and the segued into Jed's background: "They were filming the sixth series, and it stopped, so unfortunately I don’t think that will start until…

"Jed worked in a medical position beforehand so he’s got a super awareness of [the global crisis] I imagine. ‘He has got a wider knowledge than most, so I don’t think [filming] will start until it is absolutely okay to do so, which means fans might have to wait another year.

"There were two years between four and five so I think it’s worth the wait!"

Jed worked as a hospital physician until he saw an advert from the BBC looking for an expert to work on the series Cardiac Arrest as a consultant.

That is how he got his start in TV and would eventually go on to create the rating smashing cop drama.

The sixth series of Line of Duty was just weeks into filming when production was shut down by the coronavirus pandemic.

During chat with Mark Billingham on podcast A Stab in the Dark, Jed also revealed he was in discussions with the BBC and the show's production company about when they could get started again.

But he admitted "there are a number of issues still to be resolved on an industry-wide basis" before filming can resume.

The creator previously revealed season six might have to be totally rewritten because of the delays.

He told BBC News: "We’re all considering [a re-write], we shot for four weeks in a pre-lockdown world, and all that material would have to be re-shot if we were going to change things.

"That would have huge cost implications, but we are considering it."

Rochenda herself has been busy making media appearances and recently basted TV bosses for not showing more mixed-race families on the telly.

Speaking in a recent interview, Rochenda said: "Myself, I'm from a mixed-race family. My father is white and my mother is mixed-race, so I'm mixed origin as well. But I never, ever really see families represented like mine.

She continued to Digital Spy: "It's quite a… it's funny, but it's quite black-and-white, generally speaking, if you're playing someone of mixed race.

"They generally tend to be black or… they never tell the full story, I don't think. Not quite yet. But I think we're getting there."

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