Louis C.K. Surfaces at Dave Chappelle Comedy Show Alongside Sarah Silverman and More Stars

“I love him, he’s my brother. I’ve known him since I was 19,” she explained at the time. “It’s so hard to talk about. It’s all very black-and-white until it comes to your front door and the bad guy is someone you love. Listen, what he did was wrong. I would not say it was analogous to the serial rapist Bill Cosby, I would not say it’s even close to Harvey Weinstein. … I’m not saying that’s okay. Because once he got famous, even just in the comedy community, that changes everything and it makes it not okay.”

She later added: “I’m not saying what he did was okay. I’m just saying, at a certain point, when he became an influential — not even famous — but influential in the world of comedy, it changes. He felt like he was the same person, but the dynamic was different, and it was not okay.”

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