Love Island 2021 spoilers – Millie tells Liam to 'get used to sleeping elsewhere' as she remains defiant

Love Island 2021's Millie will remain defiant tonight after ditching Liam, warning him that he won't be returning to her bed.

Liam wakes up in the day bed after Millie booted him out following her bombshell one-on-one with Lillie about Casa Amor.

Asking how he slept, Liam tells Millie: "I had a terrible night's sleep."

Millie replies: "Aw, that's good." She then frankly tells her ex: "Get used to sleeping out…somewhere other than here."

Meanwhile, Faye lets Sam down tonight as her first flame, Teddy, is back in the villa.

She tells him: “Obviously Teddy’s come back and it’s been super difficult to see him around and not want to go and speak to him and not want to do that and be on the same page as what we were before. If it wasn’t for that postcard, I wouldn’t be in this situation."

Elsewhere, Toby is set to reveal he still likes Chloe…which sees Dale getting friend-zoned.

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  • Natasha Rigler


    Hugo's family are taking care of his Instagram account while he's in the villa.

    But rather than address his disappearance, they've thanked fans for following his account.

    At least he'll be able to command a few thou for #spons when he eventually emerges from hiding…

  • Natasha Rigler

    STILL M.I.A.

    Hugo is still nowhere to be seen. The fella genuinely appears to be Missing In Action.

    And viewers have noticed:

  • Natasha Rigler


    Oh dear, Millie's Sagittarius necklace has broken.

    But I'm thinking this is a good thing, as it didn't bring her much luck when it went over to Casa Amor…

  • Natasha Rigler


    Sam looks pretty disappointed by Faye's decision to go back to Teddy.

    But we're here for F-Eddy, I'm afraid. And is seems there will be a few of Toby's exes for him to choose from…so there's that.

  • Natasha Rigler


    "I'm thinking Abi…I'm thinking I'm not over the Chloe situation… so I think we're done here," is basically what Toby just told Mary.

    Bless her for not seeing it coming. Being the last of the square to arrive into the villa (so has seen Toby from the outside), how did she not predict this?

  • Natasha Rigler


    I love the fact Toby forgot for a second there that he is mic'ed up.

    The entire nation can hear you, Tobe.

    That hand ain't doing nothing.

  • Natasha Rigler


    Tyler seems just as confused as Toby.

    Sheesh. Talk about having your cake and eating it.

    I'm delighted to see that Kaz isn't falling for this speech. What is he even going on about?! Hardly the words to win a girl over.


  • Natasha Rigler


    Abi seems to be taking this well. It's come out of left field; he likes Chloe. Not her. Not Mary.

    He's thanked her for understanding. She's called him cute.

    Something tells me her heart wasn't quite in that.

  • Natasha Rigler


    I can imagine Toby being that really annoying person in front of you in a bar.

    The one who just can't decide what drink he wants to order, shouting over to his mates to see what they're having, asking the bar staff what they recommend.

    Come on, make a decision already!

  • Natasha Rigler


    I think the lads speak for the nation with their reaction to Toby's confession.

    It is a bit LOLs isn't it?

  • Natasha Rigler


    Hurrah – it is that time again!

    Strap yourself in, as we're in for another great ride.

    Side note: Did Millie and Lillie drink that orange juice?

  • Natasha Rigler


    It is just five minutes now until tonight's Love Island drama gets underway…and it looks set to be a corker.

    We've got friend-zoning, a Love Square, heated rows and a very defiant Millie.

    Stick on the kettle or pour yourself something stronger, as it's gonna be a good one!

  • Natasha Rigler


    Love Island casualties Lucinda and Aaron came face-to-face on telly today…and it was all a bit awks.

    The pair left the villa a couple, but are no longer pursuing a romance – and Lucinda is now with Northumberland labourer Brad.

    As Lucinda admitted "Yeah, I met up with Brad. It's still really early stages at the moment but we're seeing where things go.

    "I did have a really good connection with Brad unfortunately the time got cut short, he was so mature and a gentleman. But it's early stages and it's still up in the air at the moment."


  • Natasha Rigler


    Love Island contestant Sharon Gaffka has described the current drama in the villa as "a sight for sore eyes".

    Sharon was dumped from the island a fortnight ago but it seems she isn't too sad that she isn't in there anymore.

    Writing on Liberty Poole's Instagram, (which is being looked after by her fam), Sharon said of the Millie-Liam, Kaz-Tyler and Toby-Love-Square scenes: "What a sight for sore eyes."

  • Natasha Rigler


    Faye's family have thrown their support behind her rekindled romance with Teddy.

    Tonight, Faye will be seen friend-zoning Sam so she can pick up where she left off with Teddy before their Casa Amor drama.

    Taking to Instagram, Faye's family have shared a picture of Teddy and added some love hearts.Cute.

  • Natasha Rigler

    'OWN IT'

    Love Island fans have accused Liam of "gaslighting" Millie as she untangles his lies about his "lads' holiday" fling with Lillie.

    Welsh bricklayer Liam, 21, gave in to temptation by snogging Lillie at Casa Amor — while Millie was left behind in the main TV villa.

    Liam also told Millie it was being "made out to be worse than what it was" – and this infuriated fans.

    One said: "Liam. Stop lying and stop gaslighting Millie. This is YOUR balls up. Own it."

  • Natasha Rigler


    This is your 30 minute warning!

    Love Island is set to kick off on ITV2 in just half an hour and fans are already counting down the minutes…mostly thanks to Hugo's about turn on Chloe.


  • Natasha Rigler


    Fresh from her stint in Casa Amor, Lillie is all smiles after returning home to the UK.

    The blonde was out of there quicker than you can shout "I've got a text" following her tell-all chat with Millie last night and is now back up north.

    She looks pretty glad to be back, actually. I mean, there's no hot guys, the weather is currently resembling October, but she has a lovely balloon display, so there's that.

  • Natasha Rigler


    Millie made me chuckle in a preview clip of tonight's Love Island.

    Liam emerges from the lounge, where he has kipped on the day bed, and tells Millie he had a "terrible night's sleep".

    Millie replies, "Aw, that's good", adding that she slept really well.


  • Natasha Rigler


    Former Love Island winner Amber Gill has got Toby's back.

    The star, who won the 2019 series with Greg O-Shea, thinks his U-turn/ Love Square antics are "harmless".

    Speaking on Instagram last night, Amber said: "I love Toby because I think he's so harmless. He's very unaware. I don't think he's ever actually experienced relationships before.

    "It's very interesting to watch and I don't think I've ever seen a square on Love Island but I'm here for it."

  • Natasha Rigler


    Again, yet another masterpiece of a meme regarding the Toby U-Turn sitch.

    Everyone loves a Toby…Carvery, right?

  • Natasha Rigler


    Millie Court is said to currently have the most earning potential out of this year's Love Island stars.

    The blonde now has more than half a million Instagram followers, meaning she will be able to command a decent wedge when advertising products on her grid.

    According to research by, Millie might be able to snare herself an eye-watering £13,000 per post.

    Liberty, meanwhile, apparently has the earning potential of £12,800.

    It's no wonder so many people apply to be on this show…..

  • Natasha Rigler


    Eagle-eyed Love Island fans spotted Hugo laughing about Millie being left brokenhearted by Liam – and they're NOT happy.

    Hugo was so quick to preach when Toby suddenly ditched Chloe for Abi in the early days…yet it seems he doesn't quite have every girl's back.

    One viewer wrote on Reddit: "Hugo is so wayward when it comes to his morals I've realised which is fine whatever but I don't know who he thinks to think he is any better than Toby now.

    "Him being so outspoken and defending Chloe against Toby publicly almost borderline humiliating Toby, it's so hypocritical of him to now just stand back and watch the boys be debaucherous. (sic)”

  • Natasha Rigler

    'SO PROUD'

    As mentioned earlier, Kaz will come to blows with Tyler again during tonight's episode of Love Island.

    Their heated exchange ends with Kaz storming off, declaring: "You f***ing crack on. I’ve had enough. 100 per cent. I’m not doing this with you."

    Kaz's sister, who is running her Instagram account while she is in the villa, has said: "So proud of the way she carries herself 🤩🙌🏾👑 More intense conversations tonight!"

  • Natasha Rigler


    So Toby will make a huge U-turn tonight and admit he still has the hots for Chloe…but it appears the feeling could be mutual.

    In an exclusive clip of tonight's episode, Chloe, 25, sits on a daybed with Hugo and Liberty, and confesses: "We had a chat the other day. It's hard man because I actually think I have more feelings there."

    "So what, you want to go back to Toby?" asks Liberty.

    Chloe replies: "Well I'm not saying that, Jesus Christ I'm just saying like, when you go from one extreme to another, you don't get over it in a matter of days."

    It's a wonder the other Islanders can keep up, tbh.

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