Love Island fans horrified as they spot Casa Amor's Clarisse 'wearing rival Kaz's dressing gown she packed for Tyler'

LOVE Island viewers were outraged last night as Casa Amor's Clarisse was spotted 'wearing the dressing gown' her rival Kaz packed for Tyler.

In just a few short days Tyler has forgotten about his budding romance with Kaz in favour of steamy snogs with the newcomer.

And to add insult to injury, he's now seemingly letting Clarisse wear his partner's clothes. The 24-year-old looked comfy in a pink silk robe that fans were adamant belonged to Kaz.

Viewers voiced their surprise on Twitter, with one writing: "Is that not the robe Kaz sent for Tyler?! Nahhh the disrespect #LoveIsland."

Another posted: "Is Clarisse wearing Kaz’s dressing gown she gave to Tyler? SORRY but it’s the disrespect for me #LoveIsland."

A third said: "Nah no way Tyler gave Clarisse, kaz’s dressing gown. that’s so disrespectful."

From the moment he arrived on the show as a bombshell, Tyler made a direct beeline for Kaz, winning her over with his charm and insisting he only had eyes for her.

But following the switch to Casa Amor this week, he quickly jumped into bed with Clarisse and last night they kissed as the rest of the group slept around them. 

I had zero red flags from him

It was the first official snog any of the boys have had outside of a getting to know you game. 

What made it worse was back in the villa, Kaz was talking about how much she was missing him back in the main house. 

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Unfortunately, a postcard revealing what he’d been up to was later delivered to the girls in the villa, and Kaz was left devastated after seeing what had happened. 

“I had zero red flags from him, I’ve had zero issues,” she told the Beach Hut, saying that she was happy with him. 

“I should’ve known it was too good to be true, I should’ve just known.” 

She later broke down to Millie and was comforted by the girls, including her best mate Liberty, who was left reeling as she heard her best mate say she feel “stupid”.  

Love Island continues weeknights at 9pm on ITV2.

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