Lucifer season 5, part 2: Why does God call Lucifer Samael?

Lucifer: Netflix releases trailer for season five part two

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After more than six months of waiting, Lucifer season five, part two has landed on Netflix. The next eight episodes see Lucifer (Tom Ellis) come to terms with his father, God (Dennis Haysbert) visiting Earth. In the beginning, God calls Lucifer Samael but why? has everything you need to know.

Why does God call Lucifer Samael?

At the end of Lucifer season five, part one, Lucifer Morningstar received the shock of his life.

His father, God, made a surprise appearance on Earth and part two, saw their complicated relationship play out on screen.

Episode nine saw God, Amenadiel (DB Woodside) and Linda (Rachael Harris) sat down for a family dinner, where everything from the past 1000 years was put on the table.

In an emotionally tense scene, Lucifer asked his father if he loved his children, to which God did not answer.

Lucifer also told God he was a “terrible” father and fled the family dinner.

During their first view encounters, God called Lucifer Samael and even joked he thought about calling Michael, Mi-ka-el, to match Samael.

Lucifer fans may be interested to know Samael is actually Lucifer’s real name.

Dr Linda (Rachael Harris) gave a perfect explanation back in season one as to why Lucifer is called Samael.

She said: “Before you fell, you were known as Samael, the light bringer.

“It was a name that connotated your father’s love for you.”

She continued: “You are his favourite son Samael. You are a fallen angel.

“And here is the thing, when angels fall they also rise. All you have to do is embrace all that you are.”

The name Samael comes from Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, who is known as an accuser, seducer and destroyer.

In Jewish lore is also seen as the main angel of death.

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In Christianity, Samael is associated with the notion of Satan and is referred to as one of the fallen angels.

On the other hand, some believers see Samaeul as a necessary evil, doing good but destroying sinners.

In the original Lucifer DC comics created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg, Lucifer is born as Samael and then became known as Lucifer Morningstar, which translates to the Light Bringer, because he helped shape the universe.

Samael is best known as the Devil or Satan by humans and is known for ruling over hell.

In Lucifer, Samael/Lucifer was banished to hell by God after he started a rebellion against his father.

After growing tired of ruling the Underworld, Lucifer left his position in hell to become a nightclub owner in Los Angeles.

Lucifer has remained on Earth pretty much ever since and has found true happiness.

Throughout the series, fans have seen Lucifer get very defensive and upset when he is called Samael.

Fans have been sharing their reactions and theories online about Lucifer being called Samael.

One fan tweeted: “This hurts. This is pure pain. He changed his name from Samael, the poison of God, to Lucifer, the Lightbringer, for good reason.

“Seeing his pain here is too much. Damn you, Michael.”

A second fan said: “Samael means the “Poison of God”.But I think in the context of the show, its meaning is not poison.

“Linda said in S1, this name represents God’s Love for Lucifer & being reminded that there was a time when he was loved by his Dad but now it’s gone is what caused him pain I think.”

A third fan added: “I actually don’t think God knows Lucifer doesn’t want to be called Samael.

“I honestly don’t see him keep saying it when Lucifer tells him not to call him that. And he does call him Lucifer in the trailer.”

Lucifer season 5, part 2 is streaming on Netflix now

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