Lucifer season 5 theories: Dan to shoot Lucifer as fans tip shock reveal

The future of the fantasy thriller is unclear as post-production of the fifth season was put on hold amid the coronavirus delay. As Lucifer is set to continue soon, fans of the Netflix series are debating whether season five will be the show’s last.

Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) has never been one to shy away from his true identity, but the finale of season four saw him embrace his role as the ruler of Hell to keep the demons at bay.

Since season one the devilish nightclub owner and LAPD consultant has been trying to work out why his close proximity to his partner, Chloe Decker (Lauren German), leaves him vulnerable.

Thanks to Chloe’s uncanny ability to leave the debonair playboy vulnerable, she is one of the only characters in the series who can truly hurt him.

The duo first discovered this when Chloe tests Lucifer’s claim he’s the real devil in the first season by shooting him in the leg.


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Now Lucifer’s decision to return to Hell has thrown the direction of the series through a loop, fans have taken it upon themselves to speculate how the show might continue.

Moreover, there are rumours circulating the fifth season won’t be as final as previously thought, as series star Tom Ellis was reported to have signed up for more episodes.

During the show, Lucifer has so far managed to hide his identity from Chloe’s ex-husband Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro).

However, this could be about to change as some fans are speculating the series could ramp up the stakes in season five when more of his human associates discover his demonic alter-ego.

One fan took to Reddit to theorise how a violent altercation could lead ‘Detective Douche’ discovering what Lucifer is hiding beneath his Prada suits.

Redditor BatDeGea1 said: “I think it would be cool if Dan finds out Lucifer is the devil from thugs. And the thugs tell him that Lucifer is the actual devil and of course Dan doesn’t believe them.

“However whilst on a chase or something with Lucifer without Chloe, he accidentally shoots Lucifer and is shocked when nothing happens.”

Of course, when Chloe shot Lucifer in episode four of the first season, Manly Whatnots, her close proximity to him dampers his powers and he bleeds for the very first time.

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Thankfully, Dan doesn’t have this sort of effect on Lucifer, and his gunshot would simply bounce off and leave him unscathed.

If this bizarre event happened in front of Dan, Lucifer might have no choice but to reveal his true persona to his reluctant colleague.

Other fans also think the season five episode title Daniel Espinoza: Naked And Afraid provides a big hint for Dan finally finding out the truth about Lucifer.

The ‘Lucifan’ continued: “Dan starts questioning things and starts to question himself and his sanity, so starts testing Lucifer and gets so annoyed that he gets angry.”


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When things start getting too heated between the detective and the devil, Chloe may have no choice to step in and explain everything she knows about Lucifer’s abilities.

Of course, this theory all hinges on whether Lucifer manages to find a way out of Hell and back to his comfortable life managing Lux in the mortal realm.

Season five may have been confirmed to be the series’ last for now, but fans are still hoping the finale will leave things open for Tom Ellis to reprise his role for another season.

Lucifer season five will be released on Netflix soon.

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