Lucy Mecklenburgh panics that she's eaten dairy as intolerant son Roman is left 'screaming with stiff body'

LUCY Mecklenburgh was left terrified that she had eaten dairy after she found her intolerant son Roman "screaming with a stiff body".

Lucy, who breastfeeds her four-month baby, panicked as she revealed her nightmare in a candid post on Instagram, at 6am today.

She wrote: "Major mum guilt … have I eaten dairy by mistake!!?!

"Roman's been screaming a lot in the night/knees to tummy, back arching, stiff body, very gassy!! He's been screaming for 2 hours …"

Lucy, 28, explained she has been ordering healthy takeaway foods while partner Ryan Thomas is away working, and thinks she had been slipped dairy butter in one of her meals.

She added: "It's really hard as they don't show allergens so I usually just chose the vegan dishes for ease but I really think I could have been given butter. I called and they assured me that it was vegan butter …

"How long will he be ill? Should I bin any milk I've expressed for 2-3 days? Anything I can do to help him? Could it be something else? Helppp!?!"

Later, the ex Towie star shared a photo of Roman's stomach which showed him with a splattering of small red spots.

She wrote over the photo: "What could this be? He's covered in little spots!"

It is normal for babies to get rashes however there are some circumstances where parents should worry and go to see a doctor.

Roman appeared to be feeling better in photos Lucy later shared on Instagram.

Lucy welcomed her son Roman with fiancé Ryan Thomas in March and has never shied away from the fact she breastfeeds him.

Last week, Lucy slammed online critics who have said that babies should not be breastfed in restaurants.

She waded into the argument after spotting it on Twitter.

The row had begun after fellow showbiz mum Stacey Solomon shared a video of herself defending women who pump their breastmilk in public.

Commenting on the clip, which was filmed during an episode of Loose Women, one female Twitter user said: "They do need feeding, but not when I’m eating!"

The remark instantly infuriated Lucy, who shot back: "Wow!! So u can eat in a restaurant but a hungry baby can’t!?"

Former Towie star Lucy, 28, has since been backed with lots of support, with one person replying: "I can remember been told to go in the toilet to breastfeed my baby, I said to the person to go and eat your food in the toilet.

"Breast-fed babies are usually fed on demand regardless of where you are. Lucy feed your baby and ignore idiots."

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