MAFS Australia's 'virgin' Matthew claims he got a nasty infection after being banned from using toilet

MARRIED at First Sight Australia's 'virgin' Matthew Bennett claimed he got a nasty infection after being banned from using toilet.

The 32-year-old star revealed that he developed a bladder infection on his honeymoon because there wasn't an opportunity for him to use the toilet on his wedding day.

Matthew was married to Lauren 'Loz' Huntriss on Married At First Sight Australia, losing his virginity to her on his honeymoon.

He said a "switch was flicked" in him during sex – but the relationship didn't last and the pair split during the show's second commitment ceremony.

The videographer has now explained in a YouTube video that he'd developed a urinary tract infection early in the first week of the experiment.

He shockingly revealed that he was only allowed to go to the toilet "twice during the whole day" due to the complexity of shooting his wedding.

He said: "You're not allowed to go to the bathroom very often.

"So unfortunately for someone like myself who is prone to anxiety, who has a nervous bladder, I needed to go to the toilet a lot during the wedding day but I wasn't allowed to."

Viewers saw Matthew become ill during the first week on the show and was forced to go hospital after he became more unwell.

He continued: "I was allowed to go twice during the whole day. I was hospitalised because of a UTI.

"I had a bladder infection on the honeymoon because I wasn't allowed to go to the toilet on the wedding day."

Matthew also lifted the lid on his relationship with Lauren since leaving the show,  revealing that he made a "formal complaint" about his 'wife' over her behaviour when the cameras weren't rolling.

He added: "The producers told me they were moving me [to another room] because she was incredibly unpredictable."

The pair ended on bad terms after Matthew announced that he wasn't physically attracted to Lauren and has has since said he never wants to see her again.

Matthew told the Mail: "Honestly, I had to cut contact with her quite a while ago and if I never see her again it will be too soon.

"There was a lot that happened behind the scenes and after the show that people just don't know about, which made my life unpleasant."

The shy star isn't so retiring anymore and has become an unlikely sex symbol after transforming his body, he regularly shares topless snaps with his fans.

Matthew went on to find love with Annabel Jameson, a tourist who was visiting Australia.

They recently celebrated their two-year anniversary, with Annabel now allowed to live with him Down Under.

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