MAFS UK matchmaker hints someone is lying in Luke and Morag baby debate

Married at First Sight newlyweds Morag and Luke appeared to clash over wanting children during Tuesday's show and matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson has hinted that one of them may not be telling the truth.

The pair struggled to bond after marrying, with Luke becoming disappointed as Morag revealed that she didn’t want kids.

Luke said: "Morag not wanting to have kids, it upset me. I’m a family man, I want kids. I’ve always wanted to be a dad."

Paul, a matchmaker on the show, responded to fan questions about the matchmaking process following Tuesday's dramatic episode.

He penned: “A desire for children is taken into account. If you see a mismatch in this category, it could be b/c someone hasn’t fully disclosed their position yet.”

One fan asked: “Did y’all not check the kids status before matching them?” to which Brunson replied: “We did. Someone could be…” with a hat emoji to suggest lying.

Brunson also said: “Someone might be omitting something,” after a fan questioned whether a participant's “desire (or lack of) for kids” was a “part of application/matching process” on the E4 show.

He teased that “the topic of desire for children will come back later in the series” but wouldn’t say more on the subject.

Many fans are concerned that Morag’s reluctance to have children may not be truthful, as she was already disappointed by Luke at the altar.

Though Luke was pretty pleased with his bride, Morag didn’t feel like there was physical compatibility between them and said: “I can’t say I want to rip his clothes off tonight. I didn’t exactly get what I ordered.”

A fan wrote on Twitter: “Why would someone omit desire for kids? Because she didn’t ‘get what she ordered’ and so didn’t desire kids with him?”

Another said: “My thoughts are, someone is not being forthcoming about their true desires for children because they’re not fully attracted to their match. She’s possibly doing this to put him off and end the relationship without being personal.”

Brunson replied: “I’m not saying you’re right… but I’m not saying you’re wrong.”

As the season continues, fans will have to wait and see whether Morag and Luke will work out.

Married At First Sight UK airs on Channel 4.

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