Matt's Inside Line on Prodigal Son, New Amsterdam, Flash, Magnum, Station 19, Lone Star, Wanda, Debris and More!

Will Prodigal Son‘s trip down memory lane take a very dark turn? Which New Amsterdam doc has a top-secret storyline? Might a Flash friend turn foe? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows! (Email any new Qs to [email protected].)

Is there any scoop about Prodigal Son? –Maite

When the Fox drama returns from its mini-hiatus on April 13, Jessica’s decision to pen a memoir will lead her on “a rocky road,” Bellamy Young shared this week at TCA. “Anytime you pack that many skeletons into one tiny closet and pull the door open, an avalanche falls at you…. Particularly the episode we are filming right now, it leads her into a very dark predicament.” Bonus scoop: Keiko Agena says that in this season’s “Edrisa-centric” ninth episode, her ME character “gets to do a lot of fun things.”

Can we have a Magnum P.I. spoiler about Juliet and Ethan’s relationship? Or maybe something about Juliet’s past? –Fran
Two birds, meet one stone! As Season 3 continues, you will see Juliet struggle with telling Ethan about her past (MI6, Richard, yada yada), and how that conflict affects their relationship.

Any news about New Amsterdam? –Kimberly
Whatever Dr. Lauren Bloom has coming up in Season 3 is so good that showrunner David Schulner won’t even tease it. “I hate to tell you what it is because then you’ll see it coming, and I kind of want everyone to be as blinded by it as Bloom is,” he says. “She gets a really great storyline this year, and we’re all really excited about it.”

Will 9-1-1: Lone Star have any “Begins” episodes like there have been in the original 9-1-1? –Sarah
While Lone Star (which airs its winter finale this Monday, March 8) won’t have a “Begins” episode per se, its spring premiere (airing April 19) will focus on firefighter Judd (played by Jim Parrack) and call center operator Grace (Sierra McClain), and how the two met and eventually fell in love.

I heard that Jonathan Bennett is back as Station 19‘s Michael. Is he returning for one or more episodes? Will we finally get to see how he died? –Moozanna
I can confirm that Bennet is back for an episode that will air in April, and you will at the very least learn more about what brought Michael and Travis together.

Any idea how filming of Why Women Kill Season 2 is going, and when it will premiere? –Saradis

Season 2 of the CBS All Access-turned-Paramount+ anthology series is currently in production, but it’s too early to offer any approximate premiere date.

Will we see more of Debris‘ bearded (alien?) guy, or was he just for the pilot? –Jeff
The amazingly named Scroobius Pip, who plays Bearded (Alien?) Guy aka Anson Ash, is in fact a series regular –though over the first half of the season, at least, he says he will only have one face-to-face with another main character. “The one interaction I have with [MI6 agent] Finola (Riann Steele) has a huge, recurring impact,” Pip says, “because she realizes I know something she doesn’t. And she has an impact on me, which is debris-related.
” As for what Ash is up to and for whom, Pip would only say he is “part of a mysterious group which we’ll find more and more about as we go along” — and that he and the CIA’s Maddox (Norbert Leo Butz) are on “opposite sides of the battle to find the debris.”

Is there gonna be a Manifest Season 4, and more seasons after that? –Hector

That question is quite premature, Hector — though I did think to ask showrunner Jeff Rake if any major character won’t make it to a possible Season 4, seeing as the good guys are perhaps due for a loss. “I can’t talk about that!” he replied amid a heavy guffaw, before sharing these thoughts about how satisfyingly eventful Season 3 will be.

Will the “third party” for Manifest‘s Michaela and Zeke put their marriage in jeopardy? –Pia
Stay tuned, Pia, because I recently delivered your Q straight to the cast…. That’s all I can say for now.

Had Season 2 of Departure been completed when Christopher Plummer died? –Libby

I am told that Plummer had completed filming for Season 2 (which is awaiting a Canada premiere date and will then stream Stateside on Peacock).

Any last WandaVision teases, before Friday’s big finale? —Malcolm
When speaking with director Matt Shakman this week, we of course had to ask if the surprise cameo that Elizabeth Olsen told us about back in January had already aired (e.g. Was it Evan Peters?), or if the show still had something up its sleeve. “We might be holding something up our sleeve, we might not. I can’t say,” he hedged. “But it certainly will be a fun finale, and hopefully people will enjoy the ride.”

With Warrior now on HBO Max, might we get a Season 3? –David
I am hearing nothing of the sort, alas.

Any details on Amy Acker’s appearance in the March 15th episode of All Rise? –LB
Only that in an episode titled “Georgia,” she will be playing a character named Georgia Knight, who per Amy’s IG looks a little something like this →

Anything on The Flash Season 7? –Sandy
Whether Rosa Dillon aka The Top has planted a seed for Cecile to become corrupted by her newly realized powers “remains to be seen,” says showrunner Eric Wallace. “We know that Cecile is a great person, but as her powers grow — because they will grow over the course of Season 7 — with growing comes with challenges. There are some unusual turns that she will have to deal with, and it’s going to be hard for her. It’s going to be hard.”

I enjoyed the “Good” shows theme in your last column. Please keep the Good Trouble scoop coming! — Dionne
Sounds… good! In case you didn’t get the hint when Isaac suggested to Malika that they move in together, the couple are “definitely getting serious,” executive producer Joanna Johnson says. “They’ve been together since Season 1, and they’re definitely growing. They’re definitely growing in the direction of, ‘Where are we going? What’s our next step?’” But Isaac might want to keep an eye on Dyonte, who works alongside Malika. “He likes her,” the EP confirms. “They’re friends. They’re interns together. They’re kind of competing. It’s kind of a fun flirtation.”

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