Maya Jama seated next to huge Stormzy photo on Big Fat Quiz of the Year

Maya Jama and Stormzy were reunited in the most unexpected way this weekend thanks to a coincidental moment on Big Fat Quiz of the Year. 

Former BBC Radio 1 host Maya made an appearance as a guest panellist on the Channel 4 programme on Saturday night, alongside Jimmy Carr, Stacey Solomon, Joe Lycett, James Acaster, David Mitchell and Richard Ayoade. 

On her side of the panel, Maya was positioned (socially-distanced, of course) in front of a huge collage of celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres, Dua Lipa, Elon Musk and Sacha Baron Cohen. 

However, her ex-boyfriend Stormzy was interestingly positioned pretty close to her head and it didn’t go unnoticed by eagle-eyed viewers. 

Reacting to the placement, one viewer tweeted: ‘Nice of Channel 4 to put an 8 foot picture of stormzy behind maya jama.’ 

‘As if they put Stormzy RIGHT BEHIND Maya Jama,’ one reacted. 

Another weighed in: ‘just find it really awkward that there’s a massive picture of Stormzy behind Maya Jama on #BigFatQuizofTheyear.’ 

Maya, 26, and Stormzy, 27, dated for four years before breaking all our hearts and splitting in August 2019. 

The couple have never revealed the reason for their split but Stormzy admitted last year that he still loved his ex. 

During her appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show earlier this week, Maya stated she was still single and hasn’t been dating during the pandemic. 

‘I didn’t Zoom date. I think a Zoom date is way more intense than a normal date,’ she told the presenter. 

‘There’s no escape. You’re stuck. I didn’t do any dates.’ 

Maya continued: ‘It’s a weird thing… Any time I take a picture with a guy when we’ve been working or doing a job, it’s “Oh my god we must be dating” this whole thing. Anyone that’s single, [people put] two and two together, it’s like, no way could they be friends. It just gets awkward.

‘In real life I’ve got 50% male friends, 50% women. Do I not want to post my male friends just in case they’re going to be my “potential lover”? None of them are actually real. 

‘I’m actually really, really, really single.’ 

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year is available to watch on 4OD.

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