Medici season 3 cast: Who is in the cast of Medici?

Medici season three is available to watch on Netflix from May 1 and fans have been waiting a long time for the new series to drop in the UK and US. Season three will be the final season of the British-Italian historical drama, which follows the journey of the real-life Medici family in Florence. has everything you need to know about the old and new faces of the popular Italian drama series.

Who is in the cast of Medici?

Lorenzo – Daniel Sharman

Lorenzo the Magnificent is the main character in the series and he is a descendant of Giovanni de’ Medici, who died in the first season.

In the third series, Lorenzo takes a journey to Naples as he faces a military coalition with the Pontifical States and the Kingdom of Naples.

Sharman reprises his role from the second series and fans are excited to see him return as the main character.

Sharman is an English actor who is known for his role as Isaac Lahey in Teen Wolf, and he has also starred in Fear the Walking Dead.

His credits also include the TV series Cursed, which is an upcoming show, and fans may even recognise him from the Black Eyed Peas music video for Where’s the Love?.


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Giuliano de’ Medici – Bradley James

Giuliano was the co-ruler of Florence and he is the brother of Lorenzo, and according to historic texts he was described as the handsome “golden boy”.

He featured prominently in the second series and takes on a recurring role in the upcoming episodes.

English actor James is best known for his role as Arthur Pendragon in the BBC series Merlin, and he also played the titular character in Damien.

He later took on a lead role in the TV series, The Liberator, in 2019, having previously taken on a main role in Bounty Hunters in 2017.

The actor tweeted a photo of himself as Guiliano with the caption: “Happy Guiliano Day”, and hundreds of fans commented on the post.

One fan said: “Is it actually worth breaking my heart over or should I just keep on avoiding Medici so I don’t have to endure the pain it’s going to cause me? I’m not sure I’m ready to lose another one of your characters.”

Lucrezia Donati – Alessandra Mastronardi

Lucrezia is Lorenzo’s lover in the series and she was an Italian noble who lived in the 15th century. She was the daughter of Manno Donati and Caterina Bardi.

The pair have a non-romantic relationship until Lorenzo later married his wife, another Italian noble, Clarice Orsini.

Alessandra Mastronardi is an Italian actress who is best known for her roles in To Rome with Love, and Master of None.

She has featured in a number of Italian TV series and films, and was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in Master of None.

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Bruno Bernardi – Johnny Harris

Bruno Bernardi is a new character joining the series, but not much has been revealed about his character so far.

Harris is an English actor and producer who is best known for his roles in London to Brighton, Troy: Fall of a City and Jawbone, for which he was the screenwriter.

Fans may also recognise him from classic series such as Holby City, The Bill, Eastenders and Law & Order: UK.

The official Medici Twitter account shared a video introducing the character, with the message: “Intrigue and manipulation will get you very far… #JohnnyHarris is Bruno Bernardi in #Medici: The Magnificent.”

In the video, he is heard saying: “This is a dangerous time for Florence,” and “Honesty is a weakness of character”.


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Girolamo Riario – Jack Roth

Girolamo Riario is introduced in season three as the Captain General of the Church under his uncle, Pope Sixtus IV.

He was a part of the Pazzi Conspiracy which is a huge part of the third series, and in real life he was assassinated by members of the Orsi family.

Jack Roth is an English actor who is best known for his roles in Bohemian Rhapsody, Rogue One, and The Cafe.

He also had an uncredited role in Game of Thrones, in the episode The Watchers of the Wall, as Donnel Hill.

Roth also had a recurring role in the series Britannia and Bedlam, and he is the son of actor Tim Roth.

Other characters in the series include Synnøve Karlsen as Clarice Orsini – Lorenzo’s wife, and Toby Regbo joins the season three cast as Tommaso Peruzzi.

Medici season 3 airs on Netflix on May 1.

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