Michelle Mootreddy who falsely said she married Pete Davidson 'BREAKS IN to SNL star's home and sits on kitchen table'

A WOMAN who falsely claimed she married Pete Davidson has been arrested for trespassing onto the comedian’s Staten Island home, it was reported on Thursday.

The suspect, reportedly identified as Michelle Mootreddy, has not yet been charged but cops were quizzing her after sneaking onto the “SNL” comic’s home and sitting on his kitchen table.

Davidson was not home when Mootreddy entered, but a family member was and the police were called, TMZ reported.

The intruder was said to have walked into Pete's place through an open side door on Thursday and sat down at the kitchen table. 

It comes after Mootreddy had sent out a bogus press release claiming she had married Davidson and started a production company with him.

But the star’s lawyers were forced to send out a statement debunking the release. 

Davidson’s attorney told Page Six: "Not a word of it is true.

"Mr Davidson has no idea who this person is.

"We are investigating and considering all legal and equitable remedies."

In the phony announcement, Mootreddy claimed she and Davidson were childhood friends, married and launched Bodega Cats Presents.

On the bogus production company’s website, which has since been deleted, Mootreddy claims to have graduated from the University of Rochester in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

The site said she started the scam company with Davidson “to increase diversity & belonging in the entertainment industry by curating experiences that have a cultural & social impact”.

Pete's spokesperson declined to comment on Mootreddy's unwanted visit to his home.

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